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I’m baaaaack!

I see this place has been deserted. Maybe nobody will even know I posted. Kelly probably gets notified, so I guess he will. Maybe he’ll keep it to himself and get all the points!

If all y’all recall, Greekhouse ran a game of this years ago. This will be quite similar, but you’re vying for those Top Contender points over there on the right that need to be dusted off. If we’re not doing this anymore, maybe I’ll start my own WordPress site and run games on occasion.

The game requires thinking and creativity to get through the levels. Each level consists of a secret word that you will have to figure out using the hints given in that level. The hints can be text, pictures, stuff in the page title, source code, etc. There may also be red herrings and other misdirection.

There are 15 levels and each level will be worth a point. Whoever earns the most points will be the winner. “What if I get stuck?” you say.  You will be able to ask for hints at the cost of 1/2 point each.  The game & rules are explained in more detail once you follow the link below.

Keep answers, level details, and hints received to yourself, but you’re welcome to post your progress below and brag “I’m on level #5”, or even lie about that to put the pressure on.

There is no definite timeline on this, but maybe a month would be good. I can keep it going as long as I see people are still trying.

Kelly can determine the points awarded if people decide to play it.

No need to wait for anything, just follow the link below to get started. But please post that you’re playing so it is known how many are contending and we can determine how many points the winner(s) should get.  Good luck!

Sheeple is Done!

Here’s the link, so you can see who won!

Spoiler: Pope won. Once I saw the initial placements I had him in my top 3. Once he became a part of the dominant alliance, I had him as my winner.

I think I needed more powerups, but the placement just happened to be in lots of places where no one was, and there were a couple that got danced all around (that LMM would’ve changed things considerably for Higgs or Annette.)

So! Chat it up below. This was fun to watch, and fun to run.

Also, what should we do next? And when?

Spookymilk Sheeple: Day the First

This is where the game is played. In the finest tradition of this website, it is a spreadsheet.

Today, your mission is to send me the coordinates of where you would like to place your sheep. Send the coordinates to (NOT Spooky’s email – he’s playing, so he’d probably be perfectly happy if you did send stuff to him). The rest of the game will start tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that we’ll be taking the weekends off, but if you guys have a hunger to keep going, I won’t stick fast to that.

Full rules are under the jump. I’ll be randomly placing the powers AFTER initial placement, so that no one randomly lucks into superpowers before the game has even started.

Email me at if you have any questions. I’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

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Well, Hey There.

According to Annette, we should play Spookymilk Sheeple. I agree with her on this.

Discuss, and tell a friend or three.

People Who Want to Play Sheeple Sometime Soon
Melissa Diamond Phillips IV, esq.

New Champion

The King is dead; long live the King. Spooky and Yickit battled it out today in search of the Sacred Pillow, which is a great game, by the way.  It was close, but Spooky managed to get there first and is the new Champeeen.

Here’s my mod sheet if anyone would like to see what went down and admire the pretty colors. Sacred Pillow Mod Sheet

Next match will be Spooky v. Nibs and I get to run that one, too, as soon as they decide between pistols and swords.

Championship Matches

I haven’t had Annette run the me/yickit April match. I thought Settlers would take way longer, so I held off, assuming we wouldn’t have another big game until May.

After that, nibbish has actually earned the May title match (he earned a ton of points while champion).

Now I need to figure out what to run for May as a big game. CdL is so loaded right now…sigh.

Settlers of Catan

We have a winner! Inkarnit and Nibs battled for DAYS for first place. Brooks apparently had enough and came in and took first place in a decidedly Brooks-like fashion. Over the last two weeks I was alternately convinced the winner was going to be Guy Patterson, Wolfson, Nibs, Novak and Yickit. I didn’t see Brooks as the winner until very recently as he couldn’t seem to get his own wood.
This season, we saw the institution of some very inventive trading, including loans, favors, interest and questionable lending practices. Brooks traded about 20 resources one day just to get one grain. Wolfson proved that he’s doing the right thing for a living, as he’s an impressive salesman. Nibs never seemed to know what he had but could charm the resource out of the stingiest settler. Yickit tried to start a civil war, The North vs. The South. Woolston acted like I was proposing to him when I sent him his resources. Guy was quietly winning when a bunch of settlers noticed it and decended on her like locusts. Kiley cornered the market in sheep; Joe got robbed just about every other day and Novak questioned the rules.
In other words, business as usual.
Brooks – 100
Nibbish – 50
Inkarnit – 50
Novak – 40
Yickit – 40
Guy Patterson – 30
JoePunman – 20
Kiley Maki – 20
Colin – 20