About Cutthroat Junction

Here at Cutthroat Junction, there are games each month with a large group of people – most of them tested beforehand – where points are accrued for fulfilling requirements. There is also a “World Champion” a la the WWE or what have you, and each month after the mega-game, the person with the highest number of points will challenge the World Champion while the next mega-game is happening.

There will also be other chances to gain points as we go, such as greekhouse’s challenges. I will probably be the moderator most of the time, but that could change.

If you join late it might seem like a drag to try to get to the top, but when someone loses the World Title match, he or she goes down to zero, so you’ll inch up that way. Plus, the games are generally pretty fun, so just join, okay?

If I don’t know you, I still want you to play. Email me at foreverunchanged@gmail.com or just comment at this site for any further questions.


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