Fall, Caesar: Final Vote

It was a fun game. I laughed. I cried. It moved me.

Everyone has made their choose, and to give you all a feel for the drama I felt, we’ll give the votes in the order I received them in.

Vote Nettie. Her firm-hand within the alliance seemed to carry spooky early when he was skittish. Both played fine at the end, but since it was the alliance that got it done, I have to reward her for being the backbone of it. Oh, and because voting me out on day one is stupid.

I love Nettie, and I think she played a better game than I did (and I said as much, and would have said so again in a final plea… ). It was precise and amazingly safe. The lack of danger to her at any point is simply impressive. Did anyone ever think about voting her off at any point? I doubt it. She played mistake free among a lot of dangerous and/or reckless players. I wish I were sitting next to her as she were winning.

But Spooky led by example. When I expected him to be cagey, he was forthright. When I expected him to preserve his influence, he spent it. When he could have taken guaranteed routes, he instead chose honest risks. Honestly, and maybe he’d disagree with me here, but I feel like he has grown tremendously as a player. Spooky, I don’t think the game hated you before, I think you were using a different approach. More commanding than offering, more self-preserving than self-sacrificing. This was something new.

I was impressed, and I happily vote for you to win.

Since bitter juries are all the rage and loved by everyone now I vote for Annette – the best ally a guy could ask for!

Spooky – no one has ever played a more perfect game. There’s no reason for him to play again.

The first half of this game, Spooky outplayed Nettie.

The second half of this game, Nettie had the better moves.

I think the second half is harder to navigate and, as such, my vote is for Nettie.

Spooky – “fun game”



If you possess the counting skills that my 2 year old son does, you know it’s 4-4. Let’s have a look at that last vote……

I dislike that the final two was so completely determined by convenience. I wish I had something to go on other than a play with 4 people left. That move left me unconvinced, I guess.

I vote Annette.

Congratulations to Annette!! After a hard fought runner-up last year, she cracked the code this year. Well played, my friend.

I had no idea how this one was going to go down as of an hour ago. I really did enjoy modding this game a great deal, and would like to have an open discussion about how to make the game more amenable to an online setting after you all shower our deserving finalists with praise.

Hell of a game, folks. We’ll do it again next year!


39 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Final Vote

  1. Congrats Annette!


    That’s a damn close call.

    Kelly, I’m not sure I could tell you anything to do better. It was a pretty close one to me. My gut feel was Annette once the pleas had been made. As I re-read the game, I thought I was going to switch to you. Then I got to the second half and just felt her moves had the slight edge. Super close.

    • I honestly don’t understand how it can look like that. I had to be extremely careful down the stretch, and everything I planned ended up coming to pass. I thought the back half was about the best I’ve ever played a game.

      This one’s gonna follow me for a while.

  2. Just know, my vote was only jokingly bitter before I get freaked out on by Kelly.

    I felt both Annette and Kelly played very similar games, I am slightly more impressed with Annette making it so far with a low card. I have been in that position before and it is not easy to get far in the game with a card like that.

    I agree with DG that I was a little disappointed overall with how the game played out this time (maybe we had too few people for it after all?). I probably wouldn’t join the alliance of convenience next time because that is just getting boring but not sure if there is a good way to fix that issue.

    • I think it would be fixed if we played more often, but part of the reason it feels like a big deal is that we don’t. Sophie’s Choice.

    • I have very specifically used it as a strategy (and did so this time) because it helps protect against reputation-based attacks. “Because he’s Novak” is the most frustrating possible argument, but it carries water for too many. So the alliance of convenience helps ward some of that off.

        • That was intended to imply that I feel your pain on this, not to sound bitter and judgmental.

          I’m only bitter and judgmental immediately after being voted out.

          • I read it as intended, and appreciated the humor.

            FWIW, I don’t think I’ve ever used the “because it’s DG” argument (or at least, I haven’t for a while?). I know I haven’t stepped up and stopped other people from using it, because that wouldn’t serve my game, but I’m reasonably confident I haven’t gone that route, and I apologize if I have.

          • I got it. And your bitter, judgmental rants to me in the wake of your eliminations have long been one of my favorite things about Survivor.

          • … and now the roles are flipped!

            I think my all-timer was my rant to Rusty after I lost a tiebreaker to Woolston(?) in a writing survivor. It was so bitter, I actually asked him not to tell anyone I sent it.

            Competitiveness, it’s a double-edged sword, I tell you.

          • The worst I ever got to see was Pete after BB3. Nothing comes close. It lasted for hours. We talked about it last night. Good times.

          • Years down the road I should do a “CdL Lobotomy” feature where I erase significant jury mistakes from existence. BB3. This game. Two seasons of Survivor I may or may not ever mention.

          • I am as meek and cheerful as they come, even, nay, especially, in my losses.

            But I’m still holding a grudge against DK for his judging on the final challenge of Survivor X.

          • I’ve been holding all my bile in! Damnit.

            I’m just sad there isn’t a record of your thoughts after the one resurrection challenge in BB3.

          • but I’m reasonably confident I haven’t gone that route, and I apologize if I have.

            Truly, no apology needed (and I don’t recall you using that argument either). I trade on my reputation as much as others try to use it against me. All I really want is everyone to just assume that I’m going to win and then let me do exactly that. Is that too much to ask?

    • My suggestion:

      Players indicate their intention to move with a comment like: vote

      Then, once the first person in line is determined, they get 10 minutes to cast a vote/influence or whatever they are doing.

      The second person in line’s time starts when the first persons time is up. They are allowed to pass if they decide that’s better. If their time expires, it goes on to the next person in line.

      This is essentially like raising your hand for the scribe to call on in the in person game, in that it establishes order of operations without revealing everyone’s intentions.

      • What Pete and I had discussed was a little simpler.

        Forum opens for discussion at whatever time. Let’s call it 9am. Voting is not allowed until a randomly determined time somewhere between 9am and 12pm. At that time, the mod will post that voting can commence. There still may be a rush at that time, but it will be much less pronounced and there may be plans in place already. It can come with its own set of problems, though.

        As I’ve never played in person, your idea could work also. Either in place of or included in this one.

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