November CTJ Game

Decision time!

I was thinking Sheeple, maybe? What does everyone else think?

Current Standings! An asterisk denotes automatic berth into the year end tournament, though it seems very likely that at the very least every with more than one point will gain entry.


1. Annette 13 *
2. Spookymilk 12.5 *
3. Violabenice 10 *
4. mbnovak 8 *
5. Melissa 4 *
5. Todahshy 4
5. Ashton 4
8. Beau 3.5
9. Pope 3
9. Inkarnit 3 *
9. Brooks 3 *
12. Eschapp 1
12. KG 1
12. Colin Prime 1
12. Zee Germans 1
16. DreadPirate 0.5

While we’re talking about the year end tournament, what do you think? Said tournament will likely involve multiple smaller games in a sort of single elimination bracket. It’ll be fun (I’ve got some cool stuff planned), but it may not be everyone’s idea of good timing, with the holidays. Let me know what you think.


9 thoughts on “November CTJ Game

  1. Year end is actually better for me because of the semester break, but some days might be difficult.

    Sheeple? Sure, I’ll be ganged up on for a while.

    • I remember a time when I threw a whole damn fit because of people ganging up on me in Sheeple. I don’t think I’m yet due for another fit, but I’ll still play.

      But I still think I should automatically start with a Lean Mutton Morgan power.

  2. Is Sheeple the game where we all tried to surround Nibbish with fences the entire game and because he’d found a bunch of the hidden advantages, he still ended up almost winning? If so, of course I’ll play. If not, of course I’ll play.

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