Ongoing! The Spread

Eric missed tonight’s move. If that had been the first time, he would’ve survived, but I had mentioned that a second nonsub was a game ender, so here we are.

Next round is due at 10pm. Note the later time. I won’t be back by 9pm, so why require a submission then?

violabeenice +3
nettiebarron -4
Pope +16
Spookymilk -26
MelissaDiamondPhillips +52
Beau -81
eschapp +∞


I see a little silhouetto of a man (“another one bites the dust” is so passe). Freealonzo joins DreadPirate on the sidelines.

Everyone else, have your move to me by 9pm tomorrow.

Spookymilk -4
nettiebarron -6
violabeenice -7
Pope +9
eschapp +26
Beau -41
Ashton +41
MelissaDiamondPhillips +42
FreeAlonzo +64
DreadPirate +52

Ladies an Gentlemen, we have a casualty. After everything, we had a tie. Annette was good enough to break that tie. Sorry, Will.

Everyone who isn’t Will, have a move to me by 9pm tomorrow.

nettiebarron +1
violabeenice -2
Spookymilk -14
Pope +14
eschapp +21
Beau -41
FreeAlonzo +44
MelissaDiamondPhillips +47
Ashton +52
DreadPirate +52

Here are the standings after day three. No shenanigans this time. Tomorrow, shit starts getting lethal.

violabeenice -5
Spookymilk -7
nettiebarron +11
Pope +17
eschapp +26
Beau -31
DreadPirate +32
Ashton +39
FreeAlonzo +39
MelissaDiamondPhillips +39

Here are the standings after day two (Eric was given a 20 point penalty for nonsubbing). Tonight is the last night of immunity. Moves are due at 9:00pm.

violabeenice -3
Spookymilk -7
Beau -11
nettiebarron +11
Pope +15
Ashton +22
DreadPirate +22
eschapp +24
FreeAlonzo +27
MelissaDiamondPhillips +27

Here are the standings as they sit after day one. There are two more days of immunity.

Beau -2
Spookymilk -7
violabeenice -11
eschapp +12
DreadPirate +12
FreeAlonzo +12
Pope +13
nettiebarron +22
Ashton +24
MelissaDiamondPhillips +25


Let’s Begin: The Spread

I’ll give players until tonight at 9pm Central to join this. Then the list is final.

First moves will be due tomorrow night. Let’s copy the rules from last year:


On each turn, you have twenty points to either give or take away (it can be a combination) from other players. You can’t touch your own score. However, you can only give or take away a maximum of five to or from any given person. At the end of the round, the person farthest from zero will be eliminated. If there are ties, the person closest to zero will eliminate one of the people tied (if that, too, is a tie, random draw will be introduced).

Once there are seven people left, you can do up to ten points to everyone. And at four, it goes to the maximum.

As for Cutthroat Junction contender points, the winner will get 100, the second-place person will get 50, and the rest of the field will be evenly spaced on the way to 50 (I’ll finalize when I have everyone signed up).

Where is everybody?


The Dread Pirate

October Mega-Game: THE SPREAD

Here it is, folks: the most popular game on the CdL slate. Sign up here. It won’t be run in Spookymilk Survivor this time around, so if you need a fix, this is where you’ll get it.

Most of you should know this, but here’s how it works:

Everyone starts at zero points. On each turn, you will have a total of twenty points to add or subtract to people other than yourself (with a max of five per person, until later in the game). At the end of each turn, the person furthest away from zero will be eliminated. At the beginning of each subsequent turn, players keep their current point totals.

Huh, I’d forgotten how easy this was to explain. Maybe that’s one reason for its popularity? Anyway, sign up, CJ Faithful.


The Dread Pirate

The Spread: Day Sixteen Results

I…knew less than I thought I did about this thing.

bhiggum 54
adobery 45
AMR -14
margaritamartini -17

The raccoon has fallen, and we’re left with three people with no major wins on the sidebar over at that other site. Well, bhiggum doesn’t have one either, the poor sap, but whatever. After this turn, it’s all over. Think well on this, Cutthroaters.

The Spread: Day Fifteen Results

Once again, you guys are boring this time around. The fire’s coming, though.

bhiggum 24
adobery 18
AMR -3
margaritamartini -19
DK -52

DK gets 41 points in his CJ debut. I was asked what would happen if everyone was tied at the end of a round. Well, if it happens at four, I have to go by the original rule that all tied people would be up for a random draw, and the person picked would choose who’s eliminated.

If it happens at three, though, it would almost certainly be intentional, and out of spite I’d give all of you 47 points and end the game. For realsies.

The Spread: Day Fourteen Results

Nailbiter, kiddos.

bhiggum 10
AMR -3
adobery -10
margaritamartini -10
DK -23
nibbish -53

Well, once again, things are really close. I can’t pretend to know why people are helping each other anymore, but then again, I’m an incredibly awful person.

9pm tomorrow night’s still gonna be good, Cutthroaters.

The Spread: Day Thirteen Results

Well, we had a clear target.

bhiggum 25
DK -5
margaritamartini -5
adobery -15
nibbish -41
Dread Pirate -73

Will Young can’t stop getting eliminated from things. The rest of you are spread out a little more than you have been lately, but much can happen in a single turn.

Six of you left!!! We’re due at 9pm Central tomorrow.

The Spread: Day Twelve Results

After this, you can do up to ten points on a single person. Will you want to? I don’t know.

kg2005 65
AMR 28
bhiggum 27
margaritamartini 13
DK -5
adobery -17
nibbish -28
Dread Pirate -38

kg2005 has fallen, so the former champion follows the current one out the door. 32 points for kg.

So, yeah. 10 points per person, if you want it. The total you get is still twenty. 9pm Central. Sorry about tonight – an outing with the kids took much longer than anticipated.