October Megagame: The Decisioning.

Caesar has fallen, and now it’s time to move on with our lives.

Case in point. We should play a game in October.

I’ve got a couple of ideas. I’d like some feedback.

* Werewolf
I’m sort of leaning toward this. I’m not entirely certain how I’ll get it to work for the year end results, but I’ve kicked around some ideas that make it feasible. And, even if not, it’s been too long since we had a nice, clean game of werewolf.

It could be vanilla-ish, or I could come up with some crazy convoluted theme. Up to you.

* Pogs
Yickit and I kicked around the idea of a Pogs megagame, and I kind of love the idea. I’d need to figure out a way that made it last a little longer and also a way that didn’t punish people who aren’t able to sit on email for hours a day wheeling and dealing.

* Sheeple
A fan favorite, and reasonably easy to run. I’m sort of leaning toward this being the November game, but if enough people insist, we could always bump it up.

* Marco Polo Sasquatch
I’ve been toying with the idea of a game of Marco Polo Sasquatch where the sasquatch moves of its own volition in semi-predictable ways. The ways I’ve come up with be kind of a pain for me to tally, but that’s not your problem, is it?

* What’s In Your Head?
I like this game. We should play it sometime.


11 thoughts on “October Megagame: The Decisioning.

  1. Also, here are the current standings for seeding and wildcards. At some point, I’ll have this on the front page and also on the non-yet-existing Facebook page, but we’re not there yet. (an asterisk means the player has gained automatic entry)

    Realistically, everyone on this list is almost certainly in, already, since there are only two more games this year before the year end thing. Next year, it will likely play out a little differently.

    1. Annette – 12 points *
    1. Spookymilk – 12 points *
    3. Violabeenice – 9 points *
    4. mbnovak – 5 points *
    5. MelissaDiamondPhillips – 4 points *
    5. Todahshy – 4 points
    7. Ashton – 3 points
    7. Beau – 3 points
    7. Pope – 3 points
    10. eschapp – 1 point

    • Pogs is a collection game where you try to trade with other players to get an entire set of one type pogs (like “antiheroes” or “smooth jazz artists from the 90s” or “romance novel cover artists” or the like). One of the pogs in each set is much rarer than the others, and you try to trade with other players to complete your set before they complete theirs.

      What’s in your Head is a zombie game. The closest few players at the end of each turn become ravenous zombies who then messily devour the closest players to them the next turn. We’ve always played in teams, but I think an “everybody for themselves” game could be fascinating.

      …or it could be a sloggish disaster. Only one way to find out, though!

  2. Ah, yes, these are all fantastic games, some of which will probably be present in Big Brother.

    I’ve never played pogs, so I’m very excited for that, whenever and however it might arrive. Being on the other end of it, though, I might be able to help with ways to keep it from being a quick finish (I think the key is to have either trading limits per day, or per trade partner; there could also be time restrictions – no trades for X hours after you make a trade. This will be very hard to run so I think you’ll want to do it when you know you’re off work, or at least set expectations about when “play hours” will be).

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