Fall, Caesar: Forum VIII

Penultimate forum! GET EXCITED, PEOPLE!!

Also, make your choose – Todahshy or mbnovak. Who lives? Who gets messily assassinated? The choose is yours!

53 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Forum VIII

  1. Vote todahshy

    This is my only chance to reach the end, regardless of how Annette votes in this forum. There are no guarantees, but it’s the only shot I’ve got.

    Time to ‘fess up: Annette, last year you tried to help me reach the end, and despite the fact that I was violently ejected from that campaign, when I saw the chance to return the favor I decided I was going to take it. If this results in a tie, I can choose to not break the tie (which means todah will take out Novak alone, leaving me the choice to take out todah and reach the end with you) or I can break it, take out todah, and rely on you to make the vote. I’m willing to do that if that’s what you want.

    Regardless of how this goes down, everyone, it’s been another hell of a game.

  2. Vote Todah


    I’m sure I don’t need to say it, but Nettie, if you cast a vote for me, Spooky is automatically in the finals and you’ve got to trust him alone (and also, I’m gonna suggest that he probably can’t be beaten this game if he’s in the final 2).

    Meanwhile, if you also vote for Todah, all 3 of us are eligible. I will absolutely vote for Spooky, since I’ve got no chance against him in the final. Presumably Spooky will vote for me.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, you can get your pick of Spooky or me sitting next to you in the finals. Based on this game, I think you’ve got a shot against me. And this is me, right now, telling anyone watching to please base their final vote on this game, and this game alone. Past history playing in is a shitty way of playing these games. Sometimes it cuts in favor of past winners (wow, they did it again!), sometimes against (crap, they’re gonna do it again!), but either way, it’s crappy. (And, also, FWIW, I was 100% planning on writing this even before last night’s Survivor vote!). So, based on this game, I think sitting next to me in the final 2 is your best bet.

  3. Annette –

    I think you’re wrong. I don’t think I played a great game with a low number. I think I got repeatedly lucky. DG used me and that saved me from being a target. Then Beau used me and saved me from being a target. Ash used me in a weird way and that made me seem less appealing of a target than Ash. Then Todah made a mistake and used me instead of Ash. I am literally only in this game still because of stupid luck and mistakes others made.

    Spooky wins this, hands down. And his breaking the tie against Todah and making himself eligible here… man, that showed such integrity. He wins, absolutely.

    But against me, you should win. And I want you to make that choice. Because making that choice should further cement it for you.

  4. My own plea, I suppose, is largely outlined at the top of this post. I have lingering pain over last year’s campaign, which is a game I never truly have gotten over given the circumstances, and I’ve always been appreciative of your contribution to that – before it happened, sure, but even after, when the other season did what they did and you expressed disappointment with them.

    I want to be there at the end because it would mean the world to me, particular after my struggle to deal with the last game. But also, sitting in that chair is the two-time defending champion who now got there with the toughest road he’s ever walked.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s Sophie’s Choice. I hope you know, though, that I felt I owed you one and it was everything I could do to avoid making an open promise on the forum, which would have sealed my fate or perhaps yours.

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