August Event: ROME: Day Eleven

Here we go. Endgame strategies are taking shape, and we’re heading for a pretty wild ending, I think.

Let me put these votes down in the order they came in…

Beau for freealonzo.

freealonzo for Beau.

Pretty interesting at this point. DPWY is essentially able to kill off anyone he wants, or at least ensure his own survival. So, at this point I started waiting for his vote.

nibbish for Dread Pirate.

So, there it is. DPWY will kill anyone he votes for.

Geoff for Dread Pirate.

Anything survives but a non-vote! That wouldn’t happen, right???

Ugh. Dread Pirate never voted, so he’s dead.

This leaves four of you.






55 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Day Eleven

    • There’s a penalty, sort of. He doesn’t lose anything he earned up to yesterday but he doesn’t gain an extra five for outlasting uberminz.

    • I love how after all of that, the two who were waffling on Pirate all day were the ones to vote for him.

      There’s one more wrinkle to all of this, but I’ll wait until after the game to share it.

  1. Sorry everyone. I really screwed things up. I missed Breaking Bad on Sunday night, so I was watching it yesterday and planning on voting once it ended (around 8:45). Unfortunately, I always forget that I need a little while after each episode to get my mind back on straight.

    I’m really, really sorry.

  2. I have a question about tie breakers. What is the first tie breaker? If Pirate was the last vote in would it have mattered who he voted for? Basically is the first tie breaker the first one to get most votes or is it the person with the most votes from people in power?

  3. So assuming Nibs will vote for Geoff and Geoff will vote for Nibs (and it doesn’t make any sense for either to vote for themselves) if Beau and I don’t agree publicly on a who to eliminate, the person who votes last has a huge advantage.

    Basically if I was able to get my vote in at 8:59:59 and voted for the person who Beau didn’t vote for, then I’m guaranteed a top 2 finish. If I vote for the same person Beau voted for, then me, Beau and the other person would all go into the last vote vulnerable.

    So Beau, do we want to agree on who to eliminate and move ahead with all three vulnerable or do we want to try to out-think the other and try to get a last contrary vote in to try to guarantee a spot in the final two?

    Nibs and Geoff, any offers on the table?

    • I was thinking the same as you. Playing the timestamp game seems kind of cheap for a game like this, especially this late. And what if our computer clocks are different? I’m not sure how timestamps work, but couldn’t that be manipulated to look like you sent it?

  4. Email time stamps are determined by the clock of the email company’s server not your local computer.

    I have to say that I am really not in a great mood this morning (real life issues factoring in on top of yesterdays vote)

    I can’t see any kind of deal I can make with either or both of Beau and Alonzo that would involve anything other than me basically saying I want 3rd place instead of 4th place or having to further my reputation in this game in a more negative way.

    I really don’t give a shit at this point.

  5. I woke up a couple of times last night, always thinking about this game. I seriously don’t know what to do here. Will voting would have completely flipped the script on it. I really think everyone should be vulnerable, as if we were just starting again. Give me a while to think on this, now that I’m really awake, but it’s not really fair to either pairing to be the only ones vulnerable.

      • At this point of the game, I’d consider that extremely unlikely. He emailed me and told me when he planned to vote. I could ask him who he planned to vote for.

      • All I ask is that you be consistent with how the game would be played early or late. Just because we are down to 4 shouldn’t have a bearing on how a non-vote plays out. Use the same rule you would if there were 15 people still playing.

      • That’s what I’m definitely trying to do. Unfortunately, that never came up. The non-voters were never also the vote losers until now. This was a nightmare scenario.

        Since chance has played an important part in this game to this point, maybe I DO have to leave it alone. Ugh. Nonsubs like this are NOT a contingency I planned for.

      • I think a lot of people could have controlled their own fates early by playing more actively (and by doing other things…I’ll talk about that after the game). Late in the game, randomness is possibly the best idea, though some of that stuff still could apply.

  6. I will be severely disappointed (but not surprised) if Freealonzo did in fact just sent in his vote and isn’t lying. On the other end I will be both disappointed AND surprised if Beau doesn’t take the opportunity to be the last vote and vote for me to assure his safety into the final 2.

    Either way Beau will clearly best served to take Freealonzo (weakest competition) with him to the final 2 for the right to challenge for the title. So again – Will’s laziness means Im simply playing for 5 extra points to get 3rd vs 4th place.

  7. I announced my vote for Geoff and voted early to give Beau the opportunity to show his quality and keep Nibs as our third. Yes he could easily renege and guarantee a spot in the final two.

    Also Geoff is right, either Nibbish or Beau would be best served by bringing me to the final two as I’m not exactly hardy competition in some of the puzzle games.

  8. Votes are in. Rather than put up another post, we’ll finish things here.

    Geoff for nibbish
    nibbish, freealonzo and Beau for Geoff

    Geoff’s gone. We’ve ragged on DPWY enough, so I’ll refrain.

    Since all of you are vulnerable, a three-way tie is possible. So, this one will go until it’s a 2-1 vote. If all the votes are in and it’s 1-1-1, I won’t say anything publicly but will simply wait for a vote switch.

    • ?!?!?! Nibs, why didn’t you vote for yourself? I spent the last hour worried you were going to do that and how I was going to convince you to take me over Free.

        • Right. So I guess my question is, why didn’t both Geoff and Nibs vote for themselves? I suppose once Free and I made our intentions known, it was harder. But if I’m them, I say we jointly announce that to start the day, and then things get really messy for me and free.

          Or…my head hurts. One of those two things.

          • Nibs and Geoff would have had to have an iron clad agreement, 100% trustworthy agreement for both of them to vote for themselves. If one had reneged, the other would have been eliminated.

  9. I’m sure we have to wait for nibs to make his vote (and he’s probably at lunch). Nibs, if you’re trying to debate which one of us may have jumped ship, don’t worry about it, it ain’t happening. I probably have a better chance against free than you, at worst it’s a toss-up. For free, facing me or you is also a toss-up. There’s no reason for us to burn each other’s trust for no real advantage.

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