August Event: ROME: Final Results and Upcoming Schedule

Here’s the full voting table.

Your upcoming schedule:

BeauZo Match for the Number One Contendership:
Beau vs. freealonzo
September 2nd, or shortly thereafter

September Mega-Game
Begins September 2nd
Narrowed down to five choices – go to the post, if you care

CJ Championship
kg2005 vs. Beau or freealonzo
Within a day or two either way of the finish of the September Mega-Game

Four-Way Grudge Match
Dread Pirate vs. Geoff vs. nibbish vs. todahshy

The idea is that DPWY kind of screwed over Geoff and nibbish in the last game, so revenge is necessary. todah would be in the match because he defeated our champion, kg, in the first round of the tournament.

Greatest vs. Hatedest
daneekasghost vs. mbnovak

Other folks can come to me with one-on-one matches they wanted to run for a similar number of points. The game would be the same as the one played by Beau and freealonzo, and would run at the same time. All players would still be eligible to join the mega-game.

That’s it for now, folks. I’ll finalize the September mega-game ASAP, as well as the BeauZo match.


39 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Final Results and Upcoming Schedule

    • You will be mocked relentlessly, and regarded as witless and pathetic.

      To give a less dumb answer, I’ve decided that the loser of that match won’t lose points. It would be stupid to drain the points when they don’t even get a title shot. You’ll just sit at what you have.

      Which, by the way, I should update on the sidebar.

  1. other folks could come to me with one-on-one matches they wanted to run for a similar number of points.

    I challenge frightwig!

  2. A game I would suggest is “Novak Loses.” You get paired up against Novak but the rules are such that Novak can never win.

  3. Also Spooks are you going to recap the last game or give us your suggestions on how someone could be more strategic? Also would love to hear Nibbish’s little incident he suggested at the end and who contacted Geoff.

    As for me, I was always intending to try to get to finals with some combination of Beau, Nibs, and DPWY as I felt I could trust them with any end game strategy we would pursue. Glad it worked out. When it was down to 5, I voted Beau because I felt that there had been so much steam on Pirate that most people thought that he’d be safe and thus vote for him.

    • Oh, right. Yeah, so…I think nearly all the players in this game made the mistake of being passive and secretive. Early on, I’m stunned that more people didn’t try to get a large group together to try to control things for a bit. There’s a bit of risk, but it also allows players to actively put themselves in a better position rather than play it randomly.

      What I REALLY thought was a good idea is that Geoff (and you, to some extent) was doing early–he went out, guns blazing, so he was so obviously the vote that nobody would vote for him. He didn’t end up being up for many kills, but you did, and people in their votes would even say you were “too obvious to vote for.” In the same breath, they’d be all, “Sorry I was so quiet, but I don’t want to be a target. People were targeted specifically because they were so quiet! Quiet players kept dying over and over because “nobody was going to vote for them.” I was stunned that nobody seemed to adapt to this phenomenon.

      • I was relatively quiet and nobody really voted for me. And people voted for Greekhouse because they went the opposite direction from the MelissaD vote.

      • I was quiet, and I wasn’t receiving any votes at all (one of the two votes I received before top five was….me – which wasn’t governed by, which actually made me decide to go more chaotic. If people would’ve gotten together, I would’ve been on a short list to eliminate, but a lot of the “let’s get together” chatter was revolving around specifically getting Geoff out, and I surmised (correctly, it would appear) that people were a lot more interested in taking their chances than getting Geoff out.

        I would play it a little differently if I were to play again, but if other folk weren’t going to start the strategic train, it made a lot more sense to skirt the edges.

        • That’s why it was so irritating. With so many people being quiet, there was little reason not to be. Still, I think people could have been in much more control than they were.

      • I was really hoping that the group that all voted Novak would stick together for a long time with me on the outside. Nothing makes it easier to avoid being vulnerable than knowing what everyone else is doing. Plus for every “outsider” they eliminated, they would have had to lose one of their own. To truly control the game, a group had to comprise about 2/3rds or more of the players as far as I could see. At that point, a lot of people would question whether they were actually gaining anything.

        The real deterrent to strategy in this game is that small alliances were a death sentence since everyone would know they existed and would target them.

        • Yup. The fact that it was all open made me fairly hesitant to try anything. I felt that a large group had no particular advantage (to me) over skirting the edges, and a small group was – as Brooks mentioned – a death sentence. I think it would be interesting to play this game on the same type of thing that Andy had set up for Diplomacy.

          That said, the open forum certainly made the last couple of days more interesting. Maybe a partially shrouded forum (you can tell who’s talking to who, but the actual words are obscured) until the top seven or so?

    • I had my vote for you with… maybe five minutes left in the day (Spooky can confirm)? You would’ve been eliminated, Will would’ve been mod killed, and Geoff would’ve gotten to decide whether he wanted to bring Beau or me to the finals.

        • Everyone was talking about voting Pirate all day. I figured that would dissuade you and Beau from voting for him. Since Geoff and I were out of power, and Pirate wasn’t voting for himself, that meant he was pretty much a free ticket to the final three.

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