September Challenge: Possible Games

Well, nobody had a single opinion when I asked via email, so you’re subject to my whims. Here are the three I’m leaning toward, if nobody says anything else:

The Spread
Gold Rush
Chess Blocker

Turns out I’m considering five. So, speak now or you have no reason to complain later.


26 thoughts on “September Challenge: Possible Games

    • I can’t wait for Sheeple either. However, given the scope of it, I’m probably going to ease into it. It’s going to take every day of the month, possibly.

  1. Hey, why didn’t I get this email?

    Anyway, I vote for Chess Blocker.

    Also, I’ll have another puzzle thing ready for September. If anybody has fun ideas about stuff they’d like to see implemented, I’d be happy to listen. Adobery was kind enough to get me access to some free webspace again, so I now have PHP available to me.

  2. I really don’t like The Spread. Too many numbers, and the name of it makes me anticipate receiving peanut butter, and there is no peanut butter to be had.

    Gold rush was cool, but when I did it I was part of a pretty solid alliance, and we had a good plan, and we were awesome. So I dunno if it would be good now, unless there’s peanut butter.

    Knots was fun.

    Bullseye was also fun, but I feel like it’s missing something…maybe some random element that zaps players to different, unexpected spaces like a hyperspace thingy. Some trap like that. I dunno. I’d like to play this one again, though.

    Chess Blocker was one of the most fun games I played in that season of survivor. I hope to do it again, with another interesting and cool board shape.

    • I agree with you about Bullseye – a couple of traps might be a good thing, as well as giving players a couple of “use anytime” powers like “hold someone in place for two turns” or “switch places with someone of your choice.”

      Chess Blocker is definitely one of my favorite games I’ve created. We’ll do it, for sure, though the board would have to be…interesting…for as many people as we could have.

      Knots would need to be amended, given all the people here. But that could be done. Gold Rush, too.

      I LOVE The Spread, I’ll admit, and it’s an easy one to run with a large group.

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