August Event: ROME: Day Two

Two non-voters – punmanblower and Grey – have been mod-killed. No points for those guys. There were three votes each for kg2005 and for mbnovak. However, all the kg votes came in first, so he has been assassinated.

The three people available for voting, since they voted for kg, are:


So, only they can receive votes by the next 9pm deadline.

Here’s a list of who’s left, and their voting target:

AMR (mbnovak)
Beau (kg2005)
bhiggum (daneekasghost)
daneekasghost (uberminz)
Dread Pirate (Beau)
freealonzo (AMR)
Geoff (punmanbowler)
greekhouse (todahshy)
mbnovak (kg2005)
MelissaD (Geoff)
nibbish (mbnovak)
Rhubarb_Runner (bhiggum)
todahshy (punmanbowler)
uberminz (kg2005)
kg2005 (mbnovak)

Have fun out there, Romers. And comment more. Votes due Sunday night at 9pm Central.


51 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Day Two

    • Wouldn’t the trend be to split the votes and have me barely squeak by? I’m cool with that trend.
      My vote for Gilman is already in.

  1. If we all agree to off Novak, then we’ll basically be in the same spot as we were yesterday, but with 2 fewer people. I’m sure somebody will try to “cheat” and vote elsewhere, but we can all agree that such a person will be black marked and be eliminated at the next possible moment.

  2. You know what would be kinda cool? Hidden opportunities to get points. Kinda like immunity idols, but in this case, you just get extra points towards your overall game (not towards Rome in specific).

    Maybe I’m just hoping for the opportunity to email Spooky EIGHTEEN times so I can win something.

  3. Greek –

    Given how many people voted away from myself and KG on Day 1, and how few people have agreed to your plan here… I don’t know that you’ll have the wherewithal to put people on the chopping block.

  4. Some important notes:

    #1 – I sent my vote in before the cabal made decisions and threats.

    #2 – I have not sent an outside email to anyone.

    #3 – Those of you (yes plural) who have sent me an email are safe – nothing will be forwarded to Kelly.

      • No, you can’t. You must revert to original votes. Also “oops, I wasn’t around that last hour” is a totally legit excuse.

        Greek’s just trying to line up future victims.

    • Greek’s lining up future victims, but I feel like Geoff is, too. That #3 up there is so heavy handed. There’s no way to prove that he’s actually receiving emails from anybody. He could purposely be sewing suspicion. And if people ARE sending him things, he can’t prove it without becoming a snitch, which people probably wouldn’t like either. You know, gotta abide by the Rome Code.

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