August Event: ROME: Day One

Quick rundown:

Vote via email. Your votes will be known when the next day starts at 9pm Central tomorrow.

Ties: normally, these will be broken by determining how many votes came from those already “in power” (vulnerable). Today, the ties will be broken by speed of voters. Those who all had their votes in first will get their kill. This will always be second tiebreaker after the power thing.

Talk here as much as you want. The idea with this challenge is that all conversation happens here, outside of votes.

The plan is always to have days end at 9pm Central. Occasionally I won’t be here, so I’ll update when I am.

There are sixteen of you, and we’ll play until there are two left. This should take two weeks, unless people are assassinated by not showing up on any given day (which will totally happen).

If there are any rules questions, refer to other posts, or be a totally lazy bitch and ask me here.

Today’s possible targets:

Dread Pirate


50 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Day One

  1. So I assume we are voting for Novak right? That means we all will be vulnerable for the next vote right? No problem, its worth it.

  2. I’m thinking about murdering todahshy, just because he killed me in the last game of werewolf. Well, spooky did too, but I don’t think I’m allowed to vote for spooky–not that that will stop me.

    • The problem with voting for Spooky is that he probably has some rule where votes for him turn into points for Brooks. I wouldn’t risk it.

    • Kelly was the one who had to convince me to agree to go along with killing you. I was afraid killing you would make it too obvious I was a wolf.

      Didn’t really matter in the end anyway thanks to lame game ruining immunity idol.

  3. Note 1: greekhouse is in this game. I lost him in an edit along the way, but he’s playing. I edited the list in the post.

    Note 2: adobery made me a neat new header.

    Note 3: I’m considering the self-voting. You can hide that way, but I’m not sure for how long. I don’t know whether to forbid it or not.

  4. Well, I don’t have much day left here when I’m around the computer reliably, so I’ll be sending in a vote soon. My previous logic holds.

  5. I’m soon to be out the door for an extra long, day-killing mid shift. I won’t be done until 10pm Central, so expect results and the next post about 20-30 minutes after that. The next deadline will still be at 9pm Central tomorrow.

    Remember, if you don’t vote, you get mod-killed, and will get no points for outlasting anyone.

  6. I ended up voting for punmanbowler. I knew I was not going to have internet access from yesterday at ~10 central until after the deadline so I had to send in my vote last night before the kg plan got proposed. At the time the only thing that was thrown out there was the alleged punmanbowler emails so I figured either it would turn out to be true and he would be an easy bandwagon first choice or it would be completely false and at worst my vote would just be a throwaway.

    I am going to be away tomorrow as well and may not even be able to get a vote off to avoid a nonsub but after that I should have normal internet access.

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