August Event: ROME: Day Three

Your results:

AMR (Novak)
Beau (Novak)
bhiggum (Novak)
daneekasghost (Beau)
Dread Pirate (Novak)
freealonzo (Novak)
Geoff (Beau)
greekhouse (Novak)
MelissaD (Novak)
nibbish (Novak)
Rhubarb_Runner (Beau)
todahshy (Novak)
uberminz (Beau)
mbnovak (uberminz)

So, Novak is dead. And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaaaaaaay

Here are your targets, with voting due by Monday night at 9pm Central:

Dread Pirate

Just four safe people. Should be another fun day.


43 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Day Three

  1. By the way, I never sent out an email, Geoff was clearly trying to set me up.
    Poor timing for me as usual. The game started and I wasn’t ready. Went camping with my son this weekend. Good luck to the rest of the folks, and may the best toga win.

    • Kelly, you’re usually pretty good about this, but could you give a couple of days warning before you start games in the future?

      • I didn’t sweat it primarily because it’s an “every day” game, so no day was going to be any more perfect than another.

        That said, I do plan to have these more “scheduled” in the future, and Saturday is an odd time to start.

  2. Good job, magicians alliance. I think our best bet is to spread our votes around today, so that the people not in our alliance don’t know who we’re voting for. That should force one of them to be in the majority for tomorrow.

  3. Well, I should probably actually play the game, rather than sending out random votes late in the evening to murder Novak.

    So, for tonight’s assassination, then? 1-8, for each different non-nibbish candidate (I disinclude myself, because I don’t want to be eliminated. Don’t read into it any further than that).

  4. So while most of you believe that I did not get an email I can assure you that there are two people still alive in this game who are VERY nervous. Well that’s not entirely true – 1 person knows me and knows that when I say he his safe that I will keep my word on that but the other person is probably quite concerned that Kelly will see a forwarded email in his inbox.

    However perception is reality and therefore I am a lone man in Rome and must play the pick a person not getting voted out game for now. Odds are in my favor this round….not so sure about next round.

    • To be honest I don’t really get what this is all about. You received some private conversation which is illegal but instead of sending it to Kelly you are sitting on it but hinting that you might tell Kelly later? Is that the situation? I’m just confused that’s all.

    • This speech sounds like something somebody on Big Brother would say into the camera to play up the drama. Is anybody here really nervous about anything?

  5. I like the idea of all of us spreading our votes around this round to make sure we can eliminate one of the non Matt voters next round but I had a thought: Wouldn’t it make more sense to assign each of us one of the others to vote for? That way we know we will each have one vote and we are guaranteed that one of the others will be eligible. If we just all randomly picked someone to vote for secretly there is still a chance none of the people who did not vote for Matt would be eligible next round.

    Also, if someone deviates from the assigned vote we would have another reason to target someone in a later round and we can see who is really solid in this crew.

    This is probably too late in the day to propose something like this but what do people think about this idea?

    • I thought of that too. Something like vote for the novak voter one person ahead of you in Spooky’s list at the top of this post. For example I would vote for Will, Greek would vote for me, but yeah, may be a little too late to pull off.

  6. Are we allowed to communicate with people who have already been assassinated about the game at all outside of the message board? Just wanted a rules clarification.

  7. I have a hard time believing that there is a solidarity among the nine who voted for Novak.

    There is no endgame on my side for the emails I received – the only endgame that would make sense would be to keep the people who emailed me around (if possible) and then have them eliminated by sending the emails to Kelly – I won’t do that. So really I am having more fun than anything else trying to keep a few people nervous and others entertained.

    I’ve played enough games with Kelly that he (and everyone who has played with me) knows the following things:

    #1 – I will find any and every way to bend and manipulate rules and I never assume I can’t do something unless it is stated as such.

    #2 – When a rule is outlined I follow it – I refuse to knowingly cheat.

    With all that said – I have an 89% (1/9) chance of not being on the chopping block moving forward. If the 9 Novak voters are able to split their votes evenly (which I doubt on two accounts A – there hasn’t been enough lead time communication here to make it happen and B – I don’t believe that all 9 who voted Novak consider themselves part of an aligned group) then you will either have 2 or 3 people tied with the most votes or you will have a situation where 2 or 3 of the safe people vote the same person.

    The real key will be the voting for Day 4 – you will likely have a list of either 3 or 4 people to vote for – 1 or 2 from the Novak group and 1 or 2 from the 4 safe. That is where my odds to remain safe will not be so high but that is where we also really see whether or not Nibbish and Greek really speak for more than just themselves.

  8. I am interested – Daneek, uberminz, and rhubarb – do you have anyone in particular that you would prefer to see leave today?

    If we did decide to join forces we could assure which of the Novak group left now = and then the numbers would theoretically be 8 vs 4 – which I doubt they are but lets think this through.

    We would need to drag away 2 of the 8 to vote with us which if the remaining 6 Novak’s stayed together (unlikely) we would see a 6 v 6 tie or we would all of the sudden have a very even split on our hands moving forward.

    • I don’t think there is solidarity among the Novak voters either. I think most people voted Novak to try to slide through and not make themselves a target.

      • That was my thinking. I figured I’d rather be in with a larger group who eliminated Novak than be one of the few who didn’t vote for him. I don’t see any reason to vote for someone day 5 just because they didn’t vote for Novak. I think there will be better reasons for voting for someone than that.

      • I certainly didn’t figure these for any collusion between Novak voters. I’m not necessarily for all colluding, it’s just that since we’re required to keep all topics public, there’s no other way that I can see of making sure people don’t just go against the flow and run through the next four or five elims untouched.

  9. I don’t know Geoff from Adam. For all I know, he’s actually Brooks. Who’s actually Kelly. Who’s probably Novak.

    I will be out til close to the deadline. I could go the route of ordered voting. I’m also fine with randomness.

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