Musical Chairs: Day Eight

It’s almost time for me to go to work, so you get the speed version.

adobery 11
mbnovak 10
nibbish 9
Beau 8
eschapp 8
margaritamartini 8
nettebarr 7
freealonzo 5
MelissaD 5
jontheelf 2
todahshy 1

margaritamartini is eliminated.  I don’t have time to update the sidebar right now, but add the penalties you see and I’ll update it and comment that I did so late tonight or tomorrow.  Ten chairs, eleven people, 9pm deadline again.


10 thoughts on “Musical Chairs: Day Eight

  1. I’ll be in Chair 2 again. And I’ve got Song 2 by Blur stuck in my head. Hopefully Huey Lewis is loud enough to drown it out.

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