Musical Chairs: Day Nine

It was a day of many pairs, ladies and gents.  These eight people all get a penalty point: mbnovak, nibbish, MelissaD, nettebarr, Beau, eschapp, adobery, freealonzo.

Every time someone sent there move, it seemed someone new was primed to go out.  In the end, the victim is…

mbnovak 10
nibbish 10
MelissaD 7
nettebarr 7
Beau 4
eschapp 4
adobery 3
freealonzo 3
jontheelf 2
todahshy 1

freealonzo.  He almost went yesterday, and can’t escape his fate this time.  We’re now in the single digits (well, of chairs, not people).  The ten of you have nine spots for tomorrow at the usual time, 9pm Central.

Your music is “Experimental Film” by They Might Be Giants.


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