Musical Chairs: Day Seven

This one went down to the wire, my friends.

On chair ten, we had Novak and nibbish paired.  On nine we had adobery and nettebarr, and on four we got freealonzo and MelissaD.

However, #3 was the death chair for the second time.

Beau or bhiggum…
bhiggum is toast, with just one more penalty than Beau.  Poor dope.

We now have eleven chairs for the twelve of you, and please note that tomorrow’s deadline will be 6pm Central because of my unconventional work schedule.  Your music is Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs of Dover.”


8 thoughts on “Musical Chairs: Day Seven

  1. AMR 11
    mbnovak 10
    nibbish 10
    adobery 9
    nettebarr 9
    eschapp 8
    margaritamartini 6
    freealonzo 4
    MelissaD 4
    Beau 3
    bhiggum 3
    jontheelf 2
    todahshy 1

  2. Dang! I would have been safe at 12 anyways! I thought that last night Beau sitting on my chair was actually targetting me. But maybe he actually did forget that I said I was sitting there.

    Now there’s no 12 and I feel like I cheated on a girlfriend that was gonna die anyways.
    Thought maybe it was a deadly STD so I found a new girlfriend for the night (though what was to say newgirl didn’t have the deadly STD?). Newgirl didn’t have deadly STD but then neither did my girlfriend but now she’s dead so I’ll never see her again. It was fun and I’m still alive but where’s my loyalty to #12?

    I feel like such a jerk.

    I’ll be wallowing in my own regrets while taking out Chair #6 tonight.
    She’s half the chair #12 was, but that’s what I have to live with.

    Please no one join me in chair #6. I’ll be crying a lot about 12 and 6 is gonna get real uncomfortable with just me there, weeping over the dead chair that I just cheated on. No one wants to share that.

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