Spread Results: Day One

Hey, all. Here are the point totals after day one:

daneekasghost 45
greekhouse 39
margaritamartini 18
jontheelf 10
Jump 6
Beau 5
Geoff 5
kg2005 5
mbnovak 5
DK 2
Dread Pirate 2
adobery 0
nibbish 0
bhiggum -5
freealonzo -5
todahshy -5
MelissaD -7
uberminz -30

…well, you killed Brooks, and I hate you all. Now, the points stay this way and we head into day two. You can start talking and submitting as soon as you want. The deadline will be at 8pm Central – I’ll try to get it done before I finish off Survivor XIII tomorrow night. On most other nights, I expect the deadline to be at nine.


5 thoughts on “Spread Results: Day One

  1. So the rule of only assigning a maximum of five points was taken by most people (including me) as in multiples of 5. Definitely makes things pretty interesting, especially when it comes down to nut cuttin’ time.

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