Bi-Curiosities: Puzzle 3 Solution; Puzzle 4

Okay, this one was a toughie, I admit. A multipart puzzle is hard enough; the combination of a few  daunting puzzles one atop the other proved way too much for most.

And how do you solve a problem like Maria puzzle like this? Let’s walk through it:

We start with two batches of words. Many folks realized that words on the right were anagrams of words on the left with a few letters missing. What you had to grasp was that there’d be a word in between that would serve as the bridge from left-grouping to right-grouping, if you removed every iteration of one given letter each time. So: BOING – O = BING – B = GIN. GEOLOGY – Y = GOOGLE – GG = OLEO.

This results in six words, which can be grouped into two sets of synonymous words (Bing, Yahoo and Google; abyss, gorge and chasm). Arrange the words alphabetically, plug them into a TinyURL as instructed…and you get sent off to two text files.

And in those text files? Gibberish. Or so it seemed. Each file had 100 characters. If you arrange them into 10×10 grids, the characters right in the middle of the grids overlap nicely. And along the side of each grid, there’s a recognizable string of characters that’s part of a URL for a YouTube video (“watch?v=”). My hope was that people would see these things, and plug the overlapping characters into a YouTube URL…which would then reveal the one-word solution to this puzzle! Ta-dah!

I didn’t count on the crafty Google-Fu of the two folks who solved this. Once they discovered that overlapping bit of seeming nonsense, they both plugged the string into a Google search, and that led them directly to the video in question. So they got to skip a couple of steps. And in case you’re curious, here’s the video you got to see if you made it through to the end of this whole business:

The next puzzle won’t be this ponderous and complex. But I don’t rule out setting up another one of these Internet goose chases. For now, though, you get just the following parameters and brick-of-text. Plus two weeks to solve. Good luck!


I was driving on one of those big, eight-lane highways. These crazy drivers were following their own weird patterns. I always creep along on these stretches. Don’t want to put myself in danger. The guy right ahead of me, he jumped out about two car lengths before slamming on his brakes, which was lucky ‘cos this other guy kind of mirrored him and wound up nearly piling directly into the first guy. All of a sudden, the woman to my left swung into the place that first guy used to be in, and kept on going like she was trying to get to the right shoulder of the road. The guy to my right must’ve seen her, because soon HE was going the other way, over to the left after cutting me off. The cars ahead of us, they were jumping all over the place. They swerved around other cars and leapt into whatever empty space they find. Anyway, that first lady? She must have realized how close to the side she was, cos she swerves back to the left, just plowing into this little guy’s car. Funny thing is, she’s about a foot away from this big dude who’s driving the same kind of car as me! He was pinned in by cars on either side of him, so he was screwed. It all happened crazy-fast, and I’m just happy it was over so soon.


6 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities: Puzzle 3 Solution; Puzzle 4

  1. Before I noticed the anagrams, I thought maybe there were words that would form a suffix with the left six and a prefix with the right six. I had “Geology Survey” and “Survey Says!” as well as “Logger Saw” and “Saw Gin”. Then I remembered “Boing” was in the list and abandoned that idea.

    I manipulated those words in so many ways and stared at them for so long that I don’t know if I can come across any of them again with out thinking of this puzzle.

  2. Folks, in record time (yesterday) and with record efficiency (zero clues), RYAN SORRELL has solved Curiosity Puzzle 4! See? It can be done! Remember that guesses are free, clues are a point apiece. I’m practically GIVING points away!

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