Meeting of the Spies: Day Three

Sorry for the lateness of this, and thank you to those who got back to me about how they’d prefer to see this all work itself out.

The result of the poll was pretty lopsided in the favor of killing whoever sat on the floor. Since that was the direction I was leaning in, anyway, there you have it. I know it’s a little contradictory, but it feels less gross this way, to be honest.

A power causes a person to sit on the floor. Since we’re playing musical chairs and all, that person bites the dust. Smooth assassination style, person who got the other person out!

Results are here

So, to clarify…

Generally speaking, whichever chair has the most people sitting in it is the “death chair”. In case there’s more than one chair that qualifies, the chair with the lower number will be considered the “death chair”. On that chair, whoever has the most points against them is out (in case of tie, I’ll use However, if someone ends up on the floor, that supersedes all this sitting in chairs business.

Clear as mud? Wonderful. I’m clearly still sorting through all of this, too.

Day three’s deadline will be tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm.


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