Meeting of the Spies: Day Two

Unsurprisingly, this was a little bit of a mess, with two nonsubs (one of which was literally talking to me about making a move that never materialized a half an hour before the deadline), so boo on that.

In more enjoyable news, the moves ended up being entertaining and made a difference in the game. Two chairs got moved (one of which caused our first elimination) and a Tranquilizer dart very nearly made one player fall onto the floor (don’t worry, he’s alright).

First Day Results are here (eliminated players will not be revealed, unless they decide to do it themselves)

For clarity’s sake, I’m going to break down the number of points against players this first round. Also, we’re going by the whole “lowest numbered chair breaks tie” thing, with empty spaces being essentially a ‘0’, so they’ll always be the “death chair” if they have the most people (this comes into play on this very turn).

What do you guys say about the weekend? I’m fine either way. Email me, and we’ll figure something out.


8 thoughts on “Meeting of the Spies: Day Two

  1. Hey guys! Good news! I found the move that the one person who was talking about a move made. That player is back in the game (though Awesome did manage to crash into a chair-free space, so… 10 points against, but still… better than a nonsub)

  2. Well, starting on the last Friday before Christmas left me with about 2 minutes to figure out the rules. I looked at it, saw I’d need to log into a new email account and gave up. My only hope was for several other nonsubs that would lead the mod to keep submissions open for another day.
    -Spivish Turkoman

  3. I’ve heard back from a couple of people who would prefer to adjourn for the weekend. Works for me. See you all on Monday – the deadline will be 9pm on Monday.

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