Fall, Caesar: And Your Winner Is…

Here you go, Caesarians. It was close! Well, in that both guys received votes. Let’s see how it shook out.

Dread Pirate

I’m not a big fan of either of these final two. Once this got to the final seven people, these were the two I ranked lowest on my list because they both dodged activity way too much for my tastes. Ugh. I’ll vote DG just because he was more decisive than inkarnit who was always present but never ready to pull the trigger on any move.




INKARNIT. A simple reason: no more than one person in any round ever voted for him. Also he and DG rode the same wave to the end, but only one didn’t cast that as mostly their own work. Inkarnit was active throughout no matter the situation, which I respect.


My vote is for Brooks. Colin played a pretty good game, but it was nowhere near as strategic as Brooks’ game.


I kind of like Inkarnit’s frantic game. It wasn’t pretty, but something about that speaks to me in a way that quieter controlling games don’t. Quiet control feels “safe” and I want reward risk-taking, so Inkarnit gets my vote.


This is a tough one-
I feel Inkarnit makes a good point about having such a low-value card, which limited the ways that he could influence others. He was very involved every day and constantly helped lay out the strategies for his alliance.
And of course, daneekasghost- he did everything he had to do to get to the end, using every method available. He seems to be good at this game.

So, I guess from what I saw that I thought inkarnit did a great job of supporting the overall alliance and making himself useful enough to keep around, while daneekasghost did a better job of removing threats and keeping himself out of harm’s way. So, I vote for daneekasghost.


Inkarnit — When it comes to pooping on dead hookers, he seems to really know his stuff.


Well I’m voting for Inkarnit.
Maybe I’ll write up a reason why later tonight.


I’m going to go ahead and vote for DG.

That’s a 5-4 (DG) vote with four to go…


Inkarnit played a great game – but DG made the moves to win – including killing me when he had the chance.


Really? I have to vote between DG and InKarnit? Talk about voting between the lesser of two evils.

I suppose if I voted based on CJ points, Inkarnet would get my vote, but it seems to me that he kinda just followed the pack, not really adding to it besides making lots of tons of posts to the site. I did smile at his heart being healthy enough for neck surgery comment however. If I give the vote to DG, then I feel all slimly, falling into Kelly’s vast master plan to figuratively fellatiate Brooks with silly on-line game victories. I’ve participated in plenty of those in the past.

In the end, I guess do I really want to give my vote to somone with such a dumb handle like Incarnate? I dont’ think so.

Vote DG


Vote DG. Neither of the last standing are Nibbs, which is a huge handicap for both of them. Keeping that in mind, I might as well vote for the guy who played a good game and was able to well articulate that.


While Cicero can be a valuable part of the Roman Empire, we need a leader who take risks and is able to convince the masses to follow him in the face of certain death. Caracalla is that leader.

Your winner of Fall, Caesar by a score of 9-4, and the new Emperor of Rome…



The more I thought about this afterward, the less obvious it seemed. I’m not high on Will’s assessment that neither game was real good (and who is Barnaby to claim someone was too passive? Jesus). Getting to the end of this game looks different from the usual game, perhaps, and we’re still all figuring it out together. I didn’t see a lot of poor play in this game, and the main difference between the two finalists is that DG kept a lot to himself – a viable option – and inkarnit pretty much spoke his entire internal monologue (as pointed out by a player, privately to me) – which is also apparently a decent strategy.

I loved watching this game, dudes. I wish I could talk it out more but I have Survivor players to please (or not). I’ll try to pop in for postgame chatter at some point tonight.

Adios, CJ faithful.


19 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: And Your Winner Is…

  1. Barnaby wasn’t passive as much as he was clueless!

    Plus, given the way I typically play (like, for example, the current game of Survivor), do you realize how insanely difficult it was to not stir up chaos?

  2. Awesome game. I’m going to agree with Kelly, everyone played a really smart game.

    Dean, there’s nothing figurative about it.

  3. Had to do the “voted out early now bitter” response to my vote. :o)

    Also Pirate, Nibs, and Annette, yicket check out my day two post. I predicted Brooks would win if we didn’t take him out then.

  4. Had a blast. Just as fun as werewolf and way less stressful. I think the game could be played too with modifications. Say, a Turbo Fall, Caesar where everyone has to make their votes within 5 minutes of each day being posted.

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