Fall, Caesar: Final Plea

Your two finalists are daneekasghost and inkarnit.


Friends, Romans, countrymen. Lend me your rears!… That sounds incorrect for some reason. Anyway, why should you vote for me over DG? He played a great game. He was quicker on the trigger nearly every time. He was true to the alliance until the end. All these things are true. But I was also true to the alliance all the way. I only took the easy way out of one vote, which wouldn’t have made sense to join in on anyway. I started this game with the 3rd lowest card, knowing my chances of muscling anyone were slim to none. I helped orchestrate the elimination of the only 2 people lower than me, leaving me with the absolute lowest card from day 5. Considering what I had to work with, I beseech you to vote for me.

Brooks, I thoroughly enjoyed being your ally and I’m glad we never had to go at each other.


Vote for me because I played a better game. I controlled more votes than anyone in the game (yes I think I can include Beau in that) through multiple strategies (voting first, waiting to vote, card influence, alliances, even by being influenced as in the vote with five left). For the most part I did not hide my vote, and when I did, it was always in service of removing a player that I was comfortable eliminating.


Voters, get responses to me ASAP. I’ll possibly just post the winner when we have a majority, but we’ll see how long this takes. If you want to look through days, go ahead.


5 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Final Plea

    • Good Lord. I scanned for him three times before adding him. Anyway, it’s fixed. All points are added outside those of the finalists.

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