Fall, Caesar: Day Four

Seven available targets…


We may do just one more today, but probably not until about 3pm Central, and that’s only if everyone agrees to start one. If Novak shows up again before that I’m willing to do it earlier.


244 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Four

    Friends, countrymen, lend me your ears. I cannot influence any more of you directly, so I must try to influence you with my words.
    Beau, by the mere chance of being here first on day 1 took control of this game.
    If you wish this game to be any more than rote winnowing of those who weren’t around first,
    If you don’t want to just allow those free on M-F from 9-noon Central to run roughshod over the rest of us,
    If you want to just mix up the game a bit,
    I urge you to vote with me and take a stab at Caesar BEAUTUS.

  2. Others please vote for Greekhouse or team up on Beau or Inky.
    If you’re quick, I’m pretty easy to influence. You might want me around.

    • I appreciate it. If Others want to get in on this, you still have me and DG as outsidery targets.

      If it is me, those outsidery folks should try to pile on Inkarnet next round after I’m gone.

      Or three of Novak, Annette, Geoff and Beau want to get Inkarnet out now, they can do that and have Dread Pirate sitting there for taking out next round.

      I have #20, Elagabulus.
      Why is his chin up in the air like that, like he’s proud of something? He’s the weakest card in the deck!

  3. Wow – I am trying to sort this out. Seems the group of 8 has fractured. Nibbish seems to have simply dissapeared. DK jumped out and influenced greekhouse – but then other team members have targeted AMR instead – whats the deal?

  4. Thinking about a tie betwixt AMR and greek.

    I’m not sure it would end up telling us anything, unless one of those two has the #1 or #4.

      • its the right strategic play – lines up Greekhouse for the next vote and delays the core 8 from having to kill anyone within the group. Reach out to me in a future challenge – I owe you one. Your still not dead yet – but it simply order at this point I think – you then greek or greek than you.

        • Do you know where you rank in that group of 8? There are 12 of us left, you can get rid of three of them and still have majority of 5 of 9.

    • That’s how I read it so I was surprised. No, he just distributed 16 so there’s four randomly distributed ones which aren’t around. There might not even be a caesar.

      Seriously, though, when are you guys gonna turn against each other? It’s about time. Now would have been good, except Geoff…

  5. Whether by accident or genius I think we discovered the play here – next round (this is still legal right votes not over) we need to influcence two people to vote for each other and then let it play out assuring our group stays in tact for as long as possible before we have to turn on each other.

    • Absolutely. Greekhouse is the obvious next target, but we need to get 2 others involved in that kill. Perhaps Beau can influence DP or kg… after that we have only the alliance though lol

      • If Greekhouse actually returns, you’ll be sorry. If your math is right that either he or I has a high card. But who knows if he’ll be around, so I get your thoughts.
        If I had a high card, I would have picked someone else to influence. I picked GH because I saw he was on auto-accept, and that was obviously the only person I could influence.

          • It’s imperfect, but if I’m responding instead of them you pretty much know what’s up.

            Also, players have queued things different ways. For instance, they’re saying “I accept if players [A-F or whatever] influence me and challenge otherwise.”

          • Yeah that’s a good idea. That’s what I was thinking. I will accept certain people instantly but challenge others. That’s smarter.

          • On my turn there, I told Spooky only to auto-accept influence from the list of people whose cards were known.
            Figured that if I was influenced, it was also the end of me (as it appears).
            But if it was someone whose card hadn’t shown that at least they’d have to pay for the influence.

        • I see now that I played that wrong. I was in meetings and didn’t get to join. If I was able to get my vote in last round it would have been Beau.

          • Well if you have the 20 card I would have influenced you anyway, right? So it really is irrelevant except that my card is still unknown whereas you claim yours is the worst one.

  6. Fellow Others. We still have Inkarnit, Geoff, or yickit among the majority to target if AMR goes. Who should we go after? Let’s talk now while we still can! I say yickit because he’s been sitting on that wine card too long.

  7. Note on card distribution:

    I shuffled the deck and took the top card for each available player on the list. At the end a few cards were left over, but there’s no reason to believe any are more likely than the others.

  8. A tie does not reveal both cards. A tie means that I’ll ask if anyone has card #1 and wants to break the tie. If not, the person will remain secret and I’ll move on to the next possible card. Only the person who breaks the tie will be outed (if he’s not already) and the person who breaks the tie will be added to power (if he wasn’t already voting for that person).

  9. Beau, now’s your chance to vote for someone besides AMR (or greekhouse) and not be up for a vote tomorrow. Beau, you can join up with us Others and we can go after yickit and start picking up your majority and ensure your title match within a couple of eliminations (instead of sweating it out for awhile).

    Novak, remember when DG got everyone to simultaneously kill you last time? You should join us to get him eliminated. (Although it was hilarious.)

      • Yup, you get to start fresh. Here’s a handy guide:

        -always trust DG; he’ll never hurt you
        -Colin Woolston sucks and you should always make fun of him
        -Geoff is pure evil and can’t be trusted, but I like him and we try to work together whenever we can
        -Novak is pure evil and can’t be trusted, but I like him and try to laugh when he gets eliminated
        -KG likes to break all rules
        -I am above-board in all respects
        -Melissa should always be the first person eliminated
        -Bret will always lose in a comical way
        -nibbish doesn’t get nearly enough attention as he should
        -greekhouse likes to poop on spooky’s face but usually isn’t around until night
        -AMR is sneaky
        -Beau and I always seem to be on opposite sides, but I have no idea why
        -I have no past relationship worth making conclusions about nettebarr
        -freealonzo likes to write about sodomy and music

  10. At this time on the Senate floor while we wait for some final tabulations I would like to take a moment to review the voting record of one of our esteemed colleagues the Dread Pirate.

    When faced with a opening vote he showed his senatorial value by avoiding taking any stand.

    On the next vote he further avoided any scrutiny by voting for yours truly when such a vote held no consequence and assured his continued protection.

    His inconsequential and weak voting if not cowardly voting record has continued to this day.

    I stand in front of you all today to speak out against this Senator and plead that you give him no heed but to assure his beheading as soon as possible!

    • But… I was trying to get people to vote for yickit and away from you! I thought we were buds!

      To all those trying to get closer to a title match, why go after someone with 35 total CJ points when you can go after people above you and jump well past them.

      That means yickit, DG, and Beau should be a concern. Why do you think Beau helped orchestrate the deaths of bhiggs, free, or Melissa? To secure his title fight. He’s not doing for an alliance; he’s doing it to win. He’ll spit you out as soon as he doesn’t need you any more.!

      • We are buds – but I think its fair to say that the tally has been in your favor and I owe you a couple. Beau gets credit for forming this initial group and I need to climb the ladder a bit more before I worry about who is ahead of me to the degree of specificity you are. Had I known AMR was as active as he is – I would have been more apt to reach out but that is hindsight now.

          • Tuesday I was swamped at work and yesterday I went to the Twins game.
            This morning I had meetings straight through from 8:30-10am. This is my first time free and really if I wasn’t on the chopping block I would have walked away for now.

            You guys totally should vote Beau tomorrow/next round. Good Roman thing: the mastermind of the winning plan still gets spiked by his compatriots.

      • I called for THE FIRST SEVEN people to join me. I was perfectly willing to have bhiggs, free, and Melissa on my side. They either chose not to join me or they weren’t around. That they were the first three people out made logical sense for just about everyone and, as you point out, was fortunate for me as well.

        And, this game is a lot of fun. While being CJ points leader would be cool, I want to play the game and try to win, not just squeak by.

        I also like how you try to get me to your side but then say I can’t be trusted. If I teamed with you I don’t think I’d be in any better position to win the game. I promised seven people I won’t influence them while they’re on my side, and I plan on keeping that. Technically, I could join you and still keep that promise, but I think you don’t have the numbers, especially since Greek is not exactly professing his allegiance to The Others.

        • I called for THE FIRST SEVEN people to join me. I was perfectly willing to have bhiggs, free, and Melissa on my side.

          We’ll never know, will we?

          (Can’t prove a negative! I’m so lawyerly.)

          I promised seven people I won’t influence them while they’re on my side, and I plan on keeping that.

          That would be quite noble of you, but that doesn’t mean they’ll keep their end of the bargain.

          And, this game is a lot of fun.

          Agreed! I love that there’s so many ways to skin the cat.

    • I think Will’s plan is more than likely to use his unimpeachable influence to skirt any deciding vote, and thus remain off the block until the very end. I like it, there are ways around it (I think Yickit holds one of those very keys, in fact), but it’s not the top priority for me right now.

  11. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and Novak. Lend me your votes! I come not to praise yickit, but to vote him! He’s hogging all the wine!

  12. I’ve gotta hit the shower here, Senators, but I promise I’ll be thinking about all of you. I’ll be back to sort things out later and try to figure out how to reword the sentence before this one.

    • Day 5 will be greekhouse (unless he wins a tie than it will be AMR) and Day 6 will Dread Pirate.

      Day 7 is when things could get messy.

      Unless of course Nibbish you are thinking about breaking ranks?

      • No, not that… just thinking that the Early Birds have a limited number of targets after tomorrow, and it seems that seams could start appearing in the workings as players prepare for what happens when there aren’t any more easy targets.

      • If DP is fast enough… or Beau is too slow… then DP might not be able to be a target tomorrow, in which case we have a problem after greekhouse. But that can be approached after we finish stabbing AMR and greekhouse.

  13. Would it be better to have someone who hasn’t influenced Greekhouse influence him to vote DP next round? With Greekhouse likely not being around, I don’t think we have to worry about him influencing anyone.

  14. I’m done, everyone. To answer your questions: no, do not Google my name. Yes, I was primarily thinking about greekhouse. Yes, Flight of the Conchords’s “Foux du Fafa” is still stuck in my head.

  15. So just a word to the wise. If anybody influences me, they have one of the best numbers left. I would recommend that you take them out the day after I’m eliminated since they’re going to be sitting pretty otherwise.

    • DP, just stick around for the next round.
      Get your vote in quickly enough and influence someone. You can definitely influence DG and novak. KG, aim to influence Greek unless you know you can influence someone else.

      Who you voting for DP? Inkarnit is pulling a lot of levers.

      • I have no levers to pull. I am just voting with the majority I happened to join in time on day one. It just happened to work out this time that you auto-accepted my influence which was only designed to find out your power, not actually make you vote. You put yourself in the “lever pulling” situation here. I am just taking advantage of the situation in front of me. Going forward there has to be some changes obviously because an 8-way tie isn’t possible but right now I’m not on the outside.

  16. Before Beau puts an end on today- DP makes a good point – Beau do you have the power to influence him? Because if not – we may need to go in another direction and influence KG (novack would be able to do that) to make sure things are good to go. Thoughts?

  17. AMR – #20 Elagabulus – has been assassinated. There will be six targets for the next turn. Given Novak’s constraints the earliest I can conceivably start another day is 3pm Central. If this works for you I’ll need a go-ahead from everyone. If not, we shall reconvene tomorrow at 9am.

        • In person it’s actually less of an issue. A person makes their vote, and then others waiting with their hands up see the results of that vote and some change their minds and drop their hands. I also had folks playing more carefully in person, though that’s probably because they’re not people with background in these games.

          I do expect to put up clarifications and solutions on my Fall, Caesar website, though. I’m open to suggestion. One idea was allowing the last killed person to decide how to queue the line when there’s a close call. I can also just make it the Scribe, but that gives the Scribe a ton of power (and what happens when he’s killed?).

          At any rate, soon this will not be a quick draw, if it follows the way that it played out in person.

          • Yeah I can see how it would be way less of an issue in person. I also don’t know how queueing the line much helps.. if the day opens at 9am and 3 people are making simultaneous votes, then yeah, those three need to be queued sure but… what about the people who are ready nice and quickly at 9:02am and have found themselves all but voted for death already?

      • Possible solutions (for this format anyway):

        Round starts with 10-15 minutes of discussion before voting opens. Then a round of simultaneous voting where each can choose to abstain, vote or influence – then Kelly tabulates with influence taking precedence – once influence acceptance is determined – if a second round of voting is needed (to pick up the abstentions) you could open another 10-15 discussion period.

        I think there needs to be some kind of reward/penalty/motivation for abstain or not abstain……….

        • Geoff has some good ideas here. I don’t know if 10-15 minutes is long enough for discussion or not, but some period of time for discussion should be allowed. Once voting is done, there should be some method to determine order of votes as described above by Kelly. Should it be the previous person killed (who is obviously biased towards the group that killed him) or an appointed player Scribe (who is obviously biased towards his own gains) or should it be based on something else? I really don’t know the answer to that.

          • Oh! Perhaps those who are “in power” get priority voting? That would make logical sense since they are in power. This may also make others vote for the person likely to die rather than waste their votes if they see they might need priority on a further vote. Priority amongst those “in power” would still need to be determined somehow though.

          • 1. In power
            2. Times in power in the past.
            2a, prioritizing the most recent kills.
            3. Number of times influenced/attempted to be influenced. (Speaking as a 20)
            4. Reverse order of number of times using influence.
            5. Random draw.

            Given that order, each voter gets a chance to vote or pass. Say 10 minutes online. Silence over that time is a pass, but, like the NFL draft, they can jump in any time after their window and that goes down to timestamp.

          • Perhaps, but it’s a lot to digest when in the game. It needs to be a simpler play for in-person gamers.

            One idea I just had: the most powerful known card determines the order. Then there’s no argument about who it is. Of course, then the person could easily run the game, particularly if it’s Caesar. But would this happen? I don’t know.

            I could also have a “Quick Draw” round where the Scribe asks if anyone wants to make an immediate move, and all interested parties raise their arms. Gotta figure out how they get ordered there, but it’s better than attempting to learn whose arm was up first.

          • Does it need to be more complicated than a die roll among those in power (or not in power if that’s where the ordering needs to happen)?

  18. Okay I am going to lunch in 15 minutes and will hopefully be back right in time for the next round. We’ll see if I can win the timestamp race this time or not.

  19. Hey Spooky can we talk about my question of private e-mails between jury members? Or Jury members talking openly at this web site. Now that we will have 5 jury members by the end of the day, it would be good to know what we can and cannot do.

    • Not to interject; oh wait: If all player strategies need to happen out in the open I don’t see a reason why the jury shouldn’t operate in the same manner.

      • If this isn’t a blind game then personally I think everything should be in the open so people can respond. But I just a single pog in the stack.

        • I think the jury has to remain quiet, here or elsewhere, at least until it’s time to vote, since this best emulates the in-person game. Even then, it might just be a quick commentary by each finalist followed by a winner vote.

          • Got it… [deletes remaining player power rankings spreadsheet I was about to share] :o)

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