Fall, Caesar: Day Three

Two down, several to go. We’ll kill bhiggum and greekhouse in real life once this is over for their various besmirchments of the game, but in the meantime we have a game to play. There are seven possible targets, with thirteen of you left.


If you’re going to be gone for any real length of time, try to have a plan in place if you’re Influenced so this game doesn’t grind to a halt.

I actually don’t work today until 4:30 Central, so there’s a good chance I’ll be around for as long as the game runs; if not I’ll make sure a couple of people have editing privileges and hopefully both parties are around if Influence is challenged. It turns out, in fact, that I don’t have a real easly start on a weekday this whole week or next so I shouldn’t need a ton of backup.


79 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Three

  1. I updated the spreadsheet assuming that

    1) greekhouse auto-accepts my influence

    2) DP resists novak’s influence

  2. Wow, guys, I need a cigarette.

    AMR is also set to auto-accept, so bhiggum, who had #2 Cleopatra, has been assassinated.

    We’ll start a new day at 10:30 Central unless someone objects.

  3. So yickit’s about the only person left who can prevent Beau from getting the next title match. I’m not sayin’, but I’m sayin’.

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