Splattergories Round 2 Results


Just like with The Spread, completing this came down to the same two people keeping me from reaching my goal, with AMR* being the biggest thorn in my side again. Greek was all kinds of disappointing and will now have to wear a Scarlet (brown really) Letter C for the rest of his days. As for the rest of you, while there were much fewer of you to deal with, you made it all the much harder with your bunches of sorta-the-same, sorta-right answers.

The high scorer of the week won that honor by a nose (a red one that is).  Let’s see how the rest of you misfits did. 

31 – Kelly
30 – Rhubarb
27 – AMR
25 – Greek

32 – Beau
27 – Dean
24 – Margaret
24 – Novak

Spreadsheet: Click here

Kelly, Rhubarb, Dean and Beau advance to the final round of Splattergories. The four of you receive 5 points for advancing. In round 3, the winner will take home 10 more points and second place 5 more.

Special Answers

Members of two generations  > Papasan > Things you sit on
Egyptian key > Rosetta Stone > Computer Software
Squirrel Squash > Acorn (Watership Down) > Animal Characters in Books/Movies

I know one of you didn’t know you got the papasan special answer, and I know all three of you couldn’t spell it correctly. I had the hardest time coming up with the A special answer. I originally had “Arthur” but couldn’t decide on a clue that wasn’t too hard or too easy. So naturally I went with the very obscure answer.

Other Random Bits

  • Favorite answer: AMR’s “Adobery” for “People you avoid”. I burst out laughing at that one.
  • Favorite answer that didn’t count (because of a bomb): Greek’s “Anthropomorphics” for “Animal characters in Books/Movies”
  • Other favorite answer: Rhubarb’s “altered” for “States”
  • Out of the thousands upon thousands of words ending with “ER”, Dean and Novak somehow managed to put down the same one. LOL
  • Our two resident alcoholics were two of the only three to get credit for beers. Maybe rhubarb tosses them back too.
  • Dean get’s the award for trying to turn the most answer’s into doubles. He attempted 10. Only 5 of them counted (4 in my opinion).
  • Power flippage: Margaret, who used all her powers in one board last time only used two total. On the flip side of flippage, Dean, who used no powers last round, tried to use two extra powers this time.
  • I apologize for having two animal character categories. I don’t know if you guys interpreted them to just name an animal, or did so because you couldn’t come up with character names. I was debating on making the plain animal answers invalid without other judge’s input. Which leads to the next bullet…
  • Thank you to Spooky for bombing Animal Characters in books/movies and to Dean for bombing Animals that advertise products.
  • It is Amy Aardvark and Andy Anteater.
  • All three Special Answer category answers were bombed (attempted anyway).
  • Apparently you all like to watch Roger Rabbit while eating a bowl of Rocky Road.
  • It was a dream board for Greekhouse and he bricked it. Not a whiff of poop to be found. “Words ending in ER”, he went with “popper” instead of “pooper”? For “Things that smell bad” he didn’t answer “poop”?  Not even an answer of “people’s faces” for things you sit on. We’ve all died a little inside today I think.

Final round to come in the not too distant future along with a deadline you can choose to loosely interpret.

*AMR contacted me well ahead of time about deadline issues and would have been done at the original deadline had I made him.


40 thoughts on “Splattergories Round 2 Results

  1. It didn’t say U.S. States!

    Also, the roast beef answers should have cancelled out. Just because someone adds something more… If I had written “roast beef and radishes with raddichio on rye” would I have gotten 4 points? BOOOOOO.


    Thanks. It was fun!

  2. Potential versions for future competitions:

    Flattergories – bonus points for responses that butter up the judges
    Battergories – only baseball or baking terms permitted
    Lattergories – Mormon-themed
    Cattergories – The Internet’s favorite game
    Edwardgoreys – All Victorian child murder all the time

  3. Holy crap…I meant to type “amethyst” and “amaryllis” came out. That’s incredible. I didn’t even realize I’d done it until now.

    Also, I have never seen papasan spelled before now. Huh.

  4. Are you serious about Amy Aardvark and Andy Anteater? I just made up Amy Anteater because nothing else came to mind and if I was right it was two points.

  5. I don’t remember seeing the beer category. I can’t believe I missed that.

    I think my states should count. You asked for “states” and I gave you states. Kelly and Greekhouse only gave you one each.

    I went 50-50 on Reuben over Rachel. Dangnabbit.

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