CJ Points Pyramid: Round 1 Results


There were some really close contests in Round 1. Single digits separated the winners from the losers. Did you make the cut?

Group #1:
34 – Beau
30 – Brooks
24 – Annette
24 – Jonathon

Group #2: 
34 – Gilman
33 – Will
32 – Hungry Joe
31 – Pete

Group #3: 
34 – Bret
31 – Margaret
30 – Michael
25 – Eric S

Group #4:
27 – Novak
26 – Kelly
25 – Colin
24 – Melissa

So congrats to Beau, Brooks, Gilman, Will, Bret, Margaret, Kelly and Novak who move on to the winners bracket. The rest of you head to the losers bracket where you can still battle your way to 5  more points.

Stats & Notes
Breakdown  of points by category:
Dentist – 63
Pizza – 59
Farm – 57
Books – 53

Small sample size, but it looks like you bookworms got the raw end of the deal. I thought ‘dedication’ would be hard for sure, but didn’t anticipate the category being that much harder overall. Only one Bookworm moved on (Bret) so represent!

• In group 4 Kelly trailed Melissa and Colin 19-21-21 with Novak left to answer. Novak aced Kelly’s board and fell short on Melissa & Colin’s, letting Kelly squeak by. Arbitrary drama due to order of events I know, but it was suspenseful. I was real worried I could have a 3 way tie on my hands to deal with once he aced Kelly’s board.

• Four players aced a board: Novak, Will, Margaret and Hungry Joe
• Will tops the answer portion, with 19 of 21 possible points. He also made the most guesses. Take note everyone else.
• Beau(farm), Pete(dentist) and Gilman(pizza) top the clue portion, each with 18/21 on their boards solved.
• Two of you attempted to solve your own boards. Two of you did not ace them.

Pizza! Pizza! 
Sauce, Pepperoni, Green Olives, Mozzarella Cheese, Pineapple, Slice, Deep Dish
At the Dentist! Cavity, Floss, Plaque, Flouride, Molar, Hygienist, Root Canal
On the Farm
Plow, Silo, Hay, Pesticide, Wheat, Goat, Trough
Spine, Copyright Date, Chapter, Title, Climax, Publisher, Dedication

Favorite Clues & Answers
Gilman – Pineapple: “Hawaiian bs topping” to which Hungry Joe guessed “pineapple (FUCK PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA)”

Two people in Group 1 know their Crispix. Unfortunately for them, the only people who got points were those who did not know.
Beau – Wheat: “Crispix is corn on one side and this on the other”

Messed up Fairy Tale Department:
Margaret – Goat: “Three of these live under a bridge”

I figured this word could cause trouble, but there was a man with a plan:
Michael – Root Canal: “painful procedure that many need to get done. Think Panama!”

From the “made me laugh twice” department
Colin – Publisher: “the crook that sells your book”
Colin – Dedication: “how you apologize to your spouse for writing a novel”
to which Kelly answered “by naming a hot character after her”. Bravo to Novak for getting the right answer.

What’s my theme?
Melissa – Pepperoni: “it goes on pizza!…”
Melissa – Green Olives: “these can go on pizza, too…”
Melissa – Mozzarella Cheese: “mysteriously this goes on pizza, too…”

A couple of you educated me as well. I learned about additional birthing aides…
Melissa – Pineapple “this is a tangy fruit with prostaglandins that grows in tropical areas”

I also learned from Bret that baby Jesus was lucky a few goats didn’t start nibbling on his toes while laying in a trough.

Good job everybody! See you in the next round. I’ll get the next boards ready today sometime.




74 thoughts on “CJ Points Pyramid: Round 1 Results

  1. The clue our group had for green olives was “Goes with a martini. The color of grass.” I ignored the first part and just said GREEN!” Cuz, of course, pizzas are green. It’s amazing how a clock can make people stupid. It makes some of the dumb answers on Family Feud make more sense.

    Also, fuck pineapple on pizza.

  2. Alright, I tabulated points for winners and losers, plus 20 for adobery since this one took a ton of work. Anyone have a problem with that?

  3. A man a plan a canal Panama!

    I actually liked that clue. The clue of mine that I did not like was my rambling tirade against flouride. I do not know what was wrong with me when I made that clue.

  4. I did all my clues thinking that I couldn’t use the word pizza. That made pepperoni and mozzerella a little harder, for sure.

      • I’m not complaining, just laughing at myself. Since the guessers already knew the theme was pizza, my misunderstanding saved me from having to type it out each time like Melissa.

  5. I had some major email snafus while trying to submit my clues (I think adobery got them in about four, non-sequential emails all sent within the deadline). It was very harrowing! I hope my clues were not tooooooo awful.

  6. Also, adobery, what was your method of finding correct answers? Did spelling count? If the answer was “sauce” and someone put “tomato sauce” would that count? If the answer was singular and someone submitted a plural answer, would that count? Just curious…

    • Spelling did not matter as long as I could tell what you were going for. Plurals/singulars didn’t matter. Extra information like (tomato) sauce was still fine. Alfredo sauce would not have counted. I did not accept “olives” for “green olives” or “cheese” for “mozzarella cheese”, etc.. That is on the clue givers to get people to include.

      I even accepted “manger” by Bret. I thought he made a joke at first. Then I googled and realized I could not find anything which said a manger and trough were a different object in any way.

  7. I’m sorry, pineapple has NO PLACE on a pizza. I am still cracking up over the fact that I put “vermouth” as the green ingredient of a martini. Bet you never had vermouth on your pizza.

  8. Oh hey, sorry about the goat/troll thing (except that I’ve never seen a TROLL on a farm, so maybe you could have guessed the *other* character). I panicked a little – no cartoon goats, couldn’t remember how to spell chupacabra, realized that sheep also say “baa,” realized the three little pigs also have hair on their chinny chin chins (that is what led me to the bridge). Should have just said feta cheese or something like that, but I have to blame it on timer-induced stress.

    • There is ONE cartoon goat I can think of. He’s the intellectual character in Pearls Before Swine. But his name is just Goat, so giving a clue there would be tough.

      • Hey, that’s good! I couldn’t think of anything. When I was in the peace corps, goats would walk around eating dishtowels and plastic bags and all kinds of stuff. I thought about writing that, but I didn’t know if anyone would get it!

        • Yeah, it was actually a pretty good clue, but I got stuck on the “under” the bridge.
          Just to shame myself more for not getting it- my family lives on ten acres in the country. We have nine goats, twenty-two chickens and three pigs.

          Not a single troll.

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