Bi-Curiosity: The Curiossword

I told you it’d be back. It’s back.

Not really bi-weekly now, but still as curious as ever. We’re going with a new reward system this time around, one that will hopefully spur a little more urgency. Basically, the number of points you earn for completing this puzzle will depend on how quickly or slowly you solve it. Here’s how that will pan out:


  • First solver gets 20 points
  • Second solver gets 15 points
  • Third gets 12 points
  • Fourth through sixth gets 10 points
  • Seventh and later gets 5 points

Hints are still available, but each player will have available a maximum of 4 hints. These will be specific hints for specific parts of the crossword, and not general hints. So use them wisely. Hints will not affect the final score you receive if you solve the puzzle.

As for the puzzle itself, of course it’s not a simple crossword. Use the clues below to fill in the grid. You’ll have to determine where each correct response goes, as there are no clue numbers to guide you, and the clues are not sequential. Two of the correct clue responses are proper names.

The final solution to this puzzle is 2 words, and it’s those two words that you should send to when you think you’ve figured it out. That’s the address you should send hint requests to as well. You’ve got two weeks, which means I’ll accept solutions through November 12th.

Good luck, bi-curios!



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