The Power Grid – Ongoing Post

Well hey there, cowpokes! That’s right – to get into the holiday spirit, we’re doing a western theme (wait, what? Just get to the challenge, asshole). Well, heckfire, you cattle wranglers sure do drive a hard bargain. Let’s see how this tangled web works, alright?

Turns will be random. Each person will get exactly one turn, and the official due time for the turn will always be “tomorrow at 9pm Central.” So, if someone gets a turn and goes ahead with it within the first hour or so, the deadline for the next person won’t change.

What you want in this game is to have the largest number of lights turned on at the end. Each of the numbers you chose represents a light on the grid, and you’ll want someone else to turn on your lights. At the end of the game, the number of points you get will be equal to the number of lights you have turned on, times five (not to be lower than five, in the case that anyone ends with all their lights turned off). There are two exceptions: the person with the most lights turned on will gain 100 points, and the person with the least turned on will also gain 100. This, of course, is incredibly risky. Ties will be broken by number of turns spent on top, or on bottom (for anyone who “shoots the moon” and attempts to be the low man or woman).

When it’s your turn, you’ll turn on four lights, and turn off two by simply giving me the numbers. You cannot turn on your own lights. If you attempt to do so, those lights (on your grid only) will be forever burnt out and cannot turn on again. This, of course, will come in handy if you want to be the low man. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on others to power you up. The one exception to the rules is the first person who goes. He or she will be allowed to turn on six lights (since none are turned on to begin) and can turn on as many as two of his or her own. Call it a bonus for the person who otherwise gets to be the least strategic with his turn.

You can also not turn on and then off the same number to avoid turning on lights that aren’t already on. Your six numbers must all be different.

Anyone who nonsubs their turn will have five of their lights forever burnt out (at random) but will no longer be able to shoot the moon and be the low man. I will call out turns on email while also updating this post with that information. Spreadsheet here.

What you’ll know:

Everyone will be able to see the exact moves that were made by each person. You will also see a list of what lights are currently turned on and how many lights each person has on, as well as how many of theirs are forever burnt out. I will not tell you what numbers anyone has on the list…ever. You’ll have to make sense of that yourself.

Obviously, December is a busy month for me so I’ll update when I can. It will be particularly late when I’m in Minnesota, more than likely.

I will not tell you (nor will I even know) the complete order of turns. I’ll just be using when it’s time for each turn.

You can obviously all email one another.

Current Turn: freealonzo.

Still to take a turn:

Dread Pirate

Questions? Post them here or in email.


11 thoughts on “The Power Grid – Ongoing Post

  1. ALSO!!!!!! DG and todahshy have voted on their championship match. Stunningly, Mastermind has won for a third straight month (despite being fourth on DG’s list of six). This will get underway later today, if the players desire.

  2. “There are two exceptions: the person with the most lights turned on will gain 100 points, and the person with the least turned on will also gain 100.”

    Is this the number of lights on at the end of the game, or the most/least number of times your lights have been on cumulatively? Just wondering cause 100pts for the most on currently at the end seems pointless if I’m understanding correctly since that person already gets the most points, no?

    Or are these CJ points and not just points to determine the winner of the game?

    • The point is that I want the person with the most lights on to be the winner by a lot, not a little. My plan now is to have the mega-game winner always get 100 points, regardless of everything else. I want it to be considerably better to be first than second…that’s where the tough strategic decisions come in.

      I haven’t figured out duels. I have to look at that again. It got buried under a mountain of short stories, Survivor, Power Grid, and frankly, being busy as hell at work.

  3. Each person will get exactly one turn, and the official due time for the turn will always be “tomorrow at 9pm Central.”

    So Freealonzo’s move is due at 9 PM tomorrow. If he were to move right now (12/4/2013 at 10:35 AM Central Time), you would update tomorrow and the next person’s move would be due on 12/6/2013 at 9 PM? Essentially one move per day, and the next contestant isn’t announced until the update?

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