Bi-Curiosities: Puzzle 4 Solution, Sabbatical

Hey ho folks! Well, this last Bi-Curiosity was not exactly a barn-burner. While fully half the people who made guesses got the solution correct, only two players submitted responses. So that’s not as impressive a stat, that 50% success rate.

Here’s the deal with this one: if you imagined the eight lanes to represent eight columns on a game board, then follow the somewhat abstracted “moves” the various vehicles made, you’d have a recreation of a very famous chess blitzkrieg (meaning a victory in four moves or less). A little game knowledge, or use of google-fu, would yield the name of this particularly well-known blitzkrieg manouver, SCHOLAR’S MATE, which was the answer I was looking for. Well done, sole solver!

Now, the onset of a new Survivor season has apparently dimmed the enthusiasm for the Bi-Curiosities…not to mention the esoteric nature of these puzzles. I admit, they’re kinda different. But I’m not giving up on them so soon, and hopefully you won’t either. So while the people behind the scenes and I ponder some exciting changes for this feature, Bi-Curiosities will be taking a brief sabbatical. Keep your heads clear, good luck if you’re involved in Survivor, you masochists, and we’ll be seeing you soon!


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