Meeting of the Spies: fin

Here are your final results.

This was at times gutwrenching to watch (when it felt like I wasn’t explaining things well enough) and at times a lot of fun to watch (the last few rounds, in particular).

Even having been included on a lot of stuff, I’m a little lost on the particulars of a couple things, but I have faith that those will be brought to light here soon.

Anyway. This wasn’t exactly the easy to understand, uncomplicated game that I promised, but I had fun, and I hope you folks did, as well.


Meeting of the Spies: Day Six

So, even Snowden isn;’t entirely sure why he’s not dead. If that’s not solid and well-balanced game crafting, then I don’t know what is.

Long story short, if you say (as an example) “put a decoy in D2 and sit in E4”, then when the post goes up, it’ll look like you sat in D2, but you actually sat in E4. This was the case yesterday – though Snowden clearly didn’t sit in E4, because that’s not a seat. You get the idea. Or maybe you don’t. Good times either way.

Results are here.

We’re down to the penultimate day already because of a couple of nonsubs.

Deadline is at 9pm CST, Sunday.

Meeting of the Spies: Day Four

You guys do know that there’s more than three chairs available, right?

Results here.

I’ll really miss the character that’s leaving. Also, there was a nonsub, so we all sort of lose. Except the people who are still in the game, of course.

You’ll notice that I’ve taken away the “points against” at this point. The training wheels are off. If you want to know how many points you have against you, you’ll have to figure it out yourself. If you don’t know how, I’ll tell you. If you don’t care, then… keep sending in moves and have fun playing!

Meeting of the Spies: Day Two

Unsurprisingly, this was a little bit of a mess, with two nonsubs (one of which was literally talking to me about making a move that never materialized a half an hour before the deadline), so boo on that.

In more enjoyable news, the moves ended up being entertaining and made a difference in the game. Two chairs got moved (one of which caused our first elimination) and a Tranquilizer dart very nearly made one player fall onto the floor (don’t worry, he’s alright).

First Day Results are here (eliminated players will not be revealed, unless they decide to do it themselves)

For clarity’s sake, I’m going to break down the number of points against players this first round. Also, we’re going by the whole “lowest numbered chair breaks tie” thing, with empty spaces being essentially a ‘0’, so they’ll always be the “death chair” if they have the most people (this comes into play on this very turn).

What do you guys say about the weekend? I’m fine either way. Email me, and we’ll figure something out.

Meeting of the Spies: Day One

The spies have arrived at the conference room. There are not enough chairs. It’s likely that a prolonged deathmatch will result.

Here is that conference room. It’s… sparsely decorated.

Here’s the rules post. – Cliff’s Notes version: Don’t sit in chairs with lots of people on or in empty spaces.

Here are the spies who will be vying for chairs..
Francis Leadbottom
Driven Iago
Turkish Spiderman
Super Secret Agent Man
Ivan Drago
Yank Parliament
Snowden the Snowman
Awesome the Amazing
Tutti Bomowski

Send in your moves to by 9pm tomorrow (Friday) night. Here’s how.

Don’t send in the number of the chair you want to sit in. Send me the coordinates of the chair you want to sit in. Those two empty spaces in the ‘G’ column are places where a chair can be moved. At the end of the day, I’ll figure out where any chairs have moved and where they’ve been moved to and then we’ll figure out what’s what. Also, let me know if you want to use any powers (explained below).

Here’s a sample move:

“Sit at B2, tranquilize Jon Papelbon”

I might need to explain some stuff, just comment if I do.

A refresher on the powers after the jump…

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