Spookymilk Sheeple: Day ∞ – Also, 2017 Final Standings!

Well, that’s just funny.

After a very long, protracted endgame (this is not an ideal game to play over the holidays, when I’m not able to access an actual computer at home very often), Pope and Viola have ended the game in a tie.

There are plenty of reasons for this game’s weird pace, but owning my portion of it, I’m sorry that it took so long for me to move to multiple moves a day. Like I said, I was unable to access a computer at home most evenings, and editing on the phone proved to be “adventurous”, if I’m being overly kind to myself. Combined with the fairly low turnout, the odd glut of people in the middle, and the alliance that ended up wiping out a big chunk of people very quickly, it ended up taking WAY too long. Sorry ’bout that.

This next month is the Royal Rumble, which Spooky puts on every year. I don’t THINK I’m counting the rumble towards the overall standings. If that’s the case, Sheeple marked the end of the 2017 season. Here are the (probably) final standings:

1. Spookymilk 15.5 *
2. Violabenice 14.5 *
3. Annette 14 *
4. mbnovak 8 *
5. Pope 7.5 *
6. Beau 5.5
7. Melissa 4 *
8. Ashton 4
9. Todahshy 4
10. Inkarnit 3 *
11. Brooks 3 *
12. KG 1
13. Eschapp 1
14. Colin Prime 1
15. Zee Germans 1
16. DreadPirate 0.5

Melissa got 7th seed because of her automatic entry. Ashton beat Todah in a coin flip (which doesn’t really matter since they’re playing each other, anyway). Inkarnit beat Brooks in a coin flip. KG, Eschapp, Colin Prime, and Zee Germans were ordered this way by Random.org)

I’ll be in touch with the 16 people above sometime this month to let them know what’s up for the tournament.


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