61 thoughts on “Fall Caesar: Forum VII

  1. Well for me, it obviously comes down to Ash vs. Todah. It’s kind of a “do I reward good play, or punish it?” thing. Spooky and Annette, your input matters to me in deciding between the two.

    • Well, I was sincere in my question above, and decided I’d much rather think about which of you two made most sense after talking with Spooky and Nettie.

      Ash is forced into voting me. If Spooky and Nettie wanted to be really conniving, they’d both vote for you, and force the tie, which you would then break, sending Ash home, and leaving the two of us up for a vote during the next forum.

    • I think the “vote immediately” play is hugely overrated and has caused as many problems for the voter as it’s solved, so I wasn’t going to come out firing.

  2. Well, Nettie, you can vote for me and/or Ash and be eligible tomorrow, or Todah and not be eligible… (making certain assumptions about his willingness to break the tie).

    Assuming this decision will come down fairly quickly, and we’ll do another forum, I’m going to be away until almost noon, but will be around for large chunks after that (but also away for a large chunk too).

  3. Looking ahead… I vote Todah, Todah votes me.

    If Nettie and Spooky split, there’s a tie, Todah breaks it, and only the one who voted for me is eligible the next day, guaranteeing the other a final spot. So voting for me, especially first, seems like folly.

    Meanwhile, if we all vote Rivet, we’re all available on the last day, and we can see what happens there?

  4. Lol those were the fakes, lamest guarantees in history. But I’ll just have to bank on the fact that I may be the most beatable person left for a jury vote so I’ll break the tie and vote out Ash.

  5. I’d really rather everyone be around and fully able to participate in the day.

    I can start a day at 7pm CST, when Todahshy is available. Otherwise, tomorrow works, too.

    • I’ll be home with the kids, and my check ins will be few and far between, but that works for me all the same. Like Todah, my vote is already decided, and I’m sure neither of Annette or Spooky need me to lay out why voting for me is a bad idea (history be damned).

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