79 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Forum V

      • The key is that the both need to jump ship if they’re going to, right? And timing matters.

        Right now it’s 2-2, Beau and Spooky. Assuming Spooky votes for Beau (and doesn’t influence one of the others), then they’d both have to, in order to make it 4-3. Hypothetically just one of them could, and then Spooky would break the tie, but if just one of them is, then the other one is… really playing with fire?

  1. Ash/Todah – do either of you have a strong preference right now? I’m just trying to play it out in my head. Right now, Spooky can influence either of you, and once he does that 4 on Beau.

    That means the next forum looks like this for eligibility: Nettie, Viola, Spooky, whichever of you two he goes after.

    You’d both have to vote against Spooky for him to leave, and though he’s the high card, he’s been reliably helping the Mourning Aw Wells! so I don’t seen any reason for him to leave now over Beau. Todah is right behind him influence-wise, and Beau is the next one after that. Seems like good bet to go Beau here. Viola is still lined up next, if we want that too.

      • Sorry, just trying to look at it from the wider angle. It just looks really hard to send Spooky home here. A shot at Todah would probably have made more sense from your perspective, since he’s higher influence (like Spooky), but has less ability to influence (he can’t on either Spooky or Ash).

  2. Beau is dead. He was the angel.

    I’m perfectly fine with Annette’s request to not go over the weekend, because I really wasn’t looking forward to being stuck to my phone all weekend, anyway.

    Unless anyone else has drastic reservations about playing on Monday (I think you just killed the one person who did), we’ll reconvene on Monday at 9am.

    In the meantime, be good Romans and plot each other’s demise publicly.

  3. So if Spooky has used all his influences that effectively makes Todah the high card (except for tie breaks). He also can’t be voted for on Monday and still holds the wine. In short, Todah is the player we should be hearing from on what he wants to do so that we can all consider plans to appease and/or oppose.

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