Fall, Caesar: Day IV

You can vote for these people:

You cannot vote for these people:


I assume this forum is going to take place pretty quickly. So, I suppose we should all be prepared for a second forum today.

124 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day IV

  1. The first song that came up on shuffle when I left work yesterday?

    “B for Brutus” by The Hives.

    Can’t decide if that’s a bad sign, or just hilarious.

  2. So one thing, so that timing doesn’t break the game, I feel like in the past we locked people into their “simultaneous votes”? Like, maybe the influence failed, but that was the way it worked so as to discourage availability being a single-factor key?

    • We possibly did. Inkarnit and I have been discussing some other things to make the online game less of a “rush to post at 9:00:00 and not 9:00:01”.

      We’ll talk more about this after the game is over, for sure.

          • Great! If you vote annette, that puts us at 4 on annette and guarantees a tie.

            Since I’m the first tiebreaker, annette will go out today, and novak is lined up for tomorrow.

          • Ash, if you want any chance of ever being taken seriously as an alliance member, just once maybe stick with the group you agreed to. It’s kind of a running joke that you always turn on your alliance. It would build a lot of goodwill if you resisted the urge to flip now and then.

          • Why? He’s got the top card. He will break all ties in his favor. That takes all power and influence you have with the rest of us, and abdicates it in favor of getting eliminated whenever DG and Beau consider it convenient.

          • I don’t always flip, I flip when it is more benefitial to me to not be on whichever side I was on. There have been plenty of games I haven’t flipped on a main alliance or allies.

          • Name one that I’ve seen. More importantly, explain the sense behind leaving one group for another of the same size that includes the #1 card, held by CdL’s historically best player.

          • Because that “best player” will be better than everyone else at getting his alliance to the end?

    • I’ll prove it.

      I’ve already put myself in power today in defense of an alliance member.

      I’ve potentially put myself in power tomorrow (and this was clearly laid out in my planning yesterday) in order to preserve the alliance.

      I did not have to do either of those things. I could have resisted all influence and always voted last to keep myself alive. I have chosen consistently to play the game actively, with my self-preservation relying on my ability to convince others instead of being safe from influence.

      • Yeah, so have members of the other alliance.

        You’re at a critical point where your card was revealed and you had to either be everyone’s target, or only be some people’s target. You chose the later (correctly), but that doesn’t mean there’s a real alliance. You were pitching to anyone and everyone last night.

        And if my previous vote had still counted (cough cough), your influence wouldn’t have even worked this time! You would likely have influence, oh, say, Ash, instead of me, and then you’d be pitching to whoever else was convenient. Not a real alliance.

        • I don’t think being open to adding to the alliance means the alliance doesn’t exist.

          Those are two very different things.

        • And if my previous vote had still counted (cough cough)

          spare me your complaints about who lives and dies being determined by who shows up first.

          • I’ve looked at the rules multiple times. Influence stops play. This is how we replicate it online. If you want to complain (which, I mean, I doubt you’d want to do that), do it after the game. It’s not changing in this one.

          • No, I know it’s not. It’s just unfortunate that it doesn’t work out as well online.

            I think we did lock simultaneous votes in previous iterations (because otherwise it makes it about the timing of the influence accept/reject and then immediate response again), but we’re playing it consistently here. I get how it goes. I just like to point out when DG is bribing the judges, is all…

  3. Ash – I made this point above in response to DG, but I want to make sure you see it: He happened to influence me, but if my vote for him had stuck (and/or I’d been just a tiny bit quicker with my subsequent intended vote for him), he’d likely be influencing you or Todah and telling whichever that the other was lined up for tomorrow. He wouldn’t be pitching to you, you’re just around. This is entirely convenience for him. You’re gonna be out as soon as you’re the only one voting for a person who is not DG/Viola/Beau. And that’s likely to be 2 days from now (assume I go out tomorrow 4-3, that leaves you as the only one of those 4 the next day).

    • I’d also follow that we will have Beau lined up for tomorrow, and with Viola being able to be influence by everyone, we should be able to get her lined up for the next day. In short, you’re in a much better position sticking with the alliance that already exists, you’ll take out 2 people with cards higher than you, and leave in me, with a lower one, who you can influence.

    • ….hmm. This is a good point. But its also hard to ignore the fact your side says he’s the best player but at this game, if I’m remembering correctly, you’ve talked your way to winning the last two times of it.

      • Oh yeah, I have. I’ve also had better cards. I would point out, too, that my alliance has made the end the previous games.

        But ultimately, I’m not asking you to trust me, I’m asking you to think about your own best interest. It’s somewhat moot, as Todah has influenced you (assuming he knows he’ll be successful), but I still think this is your best move. DG and Beau are generally just as frightful as I am in these games, and you have power over me that you don’t over either of them.

  4. I suppose the best I can hope for in this game is probably a 4 or 5 place finish but I’m fine with that. If you like to have me, just let me know.

    • Maybe I do need more coffee :/… that should read a 4th or 5th place finish and if you would like to have me in your alliance, just let me know.

  5. So should we say afternoonish for a next forum? Nibs? I know when I’m not around, but whatever. It’s better to get another one in today, especially with the weekend coming up.

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