Fall, Caesar: Day III

We’ve got a bumper crop of potential targets here:


I will be out golfing this evening, so my availability may be limited after around 5.

148 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day III

    • Sorry for the delay. I’m out sick today.

      Since Viola’s got the 20, I can just refuse and not reveal, right? That seems fair, until the same situation happens to me.

        • Alright, fine. I totally want to vote Ink, since he was so skeezy yesterday, but if he goes out now he won’t be in the top 3 again, and that seems inappropriate. So I’ll reject the influence, and whip out my big ‘ol #19.

          • I appreciate the rejection of influence, but I still have no idea how you attribute any skeeziness to my vote on schapp. His actions clearly indicated he was holding a high card and he wasn’t in the alliance. I didn’t see any reason we’d kill viola with a known 20 over him. And I saw no way that the alliance would turn on you or spooky. So my vote was entirely safe. It was your and spooky’s vote early on the lesser threat that were sneaky. But, like I said yesterday, I don’t fault that move. It made sense. But calling me out for mine doesn’t.

  1. I’m good with the alliance turning on Ink here. We’ll still have 5 of us, with 8 people left then, and good targets for tomorrow.

    I’m also good with them all deciding to vote Beau out now, and then one of us bites it tomorrow (I’d suggest Inkarnit!).

    Or we could force a tie, and the Beau could break it and be our one target tomorrow, but that leaves just Beau, me, and one other Ah Wells! vulnerable, so that seems less ideal.

    Ultimately, I would consider any Ah Well! not voting for Beau here to be a reasonable act of self preservation, and exonerate the same.

  2. At home with my wife today as her job search begins anew. Now that I’m almost off for work, I’ve remembered the game. It seems I have missed much.

  3. Alright, so Beau and viola, we are now the majority.

    I think we should kill nettie tomorrow because I’ve already influenced her and we don’t know whether Beau can do so or not.

    We also need to rope in someone else on our votes tomorrow, novak (19), spooky (?), ashton (12) or todahshy (?).

    I think we leave todahshy alone due to potential wine hijincs.

    What do you think?

  4. Inkarnit is dead. He was a wolf.

    I could maybe start a new forum today, but I’d need everyone to okay it, and if I’m being honest, it would be easier on me to do it tomorrow.

  5. Also, so that there’s no confusion, we will DEFINITELY be playing the “first sniper attempting influence invalidates everything else and after the influence gets sorted out, play continues as if nothing past the influential sniping ever happened” rule.

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