Fall, Caesar: Day II

TDO was cornered, and he knew it. He eschewed the safety of the brightly lit main street and ducked down a dark, foreboding alleyway. But suddenly, there were wolves in the alleyway. There was no escape, and the wolves wasted little time before tearing into…

Wait, wrong game…


Congratulations to those still living! Here are the targets available to you today!


One side note, I’ve added a “influences remaining” column to the spreadsheet. You can’t influence the same person twice, and you can only influence three people throughout the game.

Both influence and wine disappear when there are only four players remaining.


170 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day II

  1. I find myself running scenarios based on what I would do if I were in eschapp’s shoes.

    Then I realize the futility of that thought process.

  2. Now I’m imagining eschapp playing this game in real life.

    “Yickit, do you accept this influence?”


    “Yickit, you can’t just walk out of the room. Come back!”

    • “I’m back. Sorry guys, just grabbing my snare drum.”

      “So, do you accept the influence?”


      (drumroll slowly fades as yickit walks out of the house and away down the street)

      • To this day they speak of him, the roman emperor wandering the countryside, trudging ever onward, his drum long since destroyed, eyes empty, lips tightly sealed.

        • One day he comes upon a particularly frightening yogurt cup, emblazoned with the words “kill viola”.

          He pauses, looking to the sky…

          • He nods. Whispers under his breath, “Enough”. And then turns and begins the long walk home.

        • The narrative really seems to fit the prompt here. I envision Spooky himself writing those words upon the yogurt cup and laughing maniacally. GOLD

  3. Funny story…

    Well, not so much a story as an observation.

    And not as funny as DG’s.

    But when I opened my browser, it indicated the current website as oatjunction. So we’re now a healthy breakfast site.

  4. Well, I’m back. Looks like I should do something. The Ah Wells! have already got a target for tomorrow, so…

    So I’ll just Vote Viola.

  5. Topic 1 – The alliance is full of people whose entire strategy is “this way it won’t be me”.

    Topic 2 – Todahshy and Inkarnit have already cast votes directly in opposition to the nominal alliance’s goals.

    Topic 3 – Ashton is not actually even a number in the so-called alliance. (this is somewhat true of nettie, although not to the same degree)

    Topic 4 – AAADG is great.

    Topic 5 – Viewer’s choice.

    • Topic 1 – Seems like a great strategy to survive.
      Topic 2 – Not in direct opposition, as our votes are for non-alliance members and retains the ability to continue voting for non-alliance members. No reason for us all to pile on the same person when you guys are splitting your votes too.
      Topic 3 – No comment.
      Topic 4 – Totes.
      Topic 5 – Nettie has some balls and I can’t wait to see how big they are!

      • Topic 1 – you offer only self-preservation, I offer active participation in the alliance

        Topic 2 – bullshit. Your vote does not allow the continued targeting of others. Todah voted for an alliance member directly.

        Topic 3 – I rest my case.

  6. So, I guess my pitch is to spooky and novak.

    I will actively help you kill the other people in this game. In return, I ask that you not target me.

    • I know what you’re saying. I took the alliance presented but I definitely worry about the level of activity that might happen. I also found the switch to eschapp to be dangerous, as it left Novak and I a little more susceptible to an assassination.

      • I didn’t see it as dangerous at all since there was 1 each on you and Novak. In order for anything to go that way, people in the alliance would have to turn on either of you. I thought eschapp was a better target since viola is only a 20 and wanted to provide us the option of another. DG is trying to fracture our rock-solid unbreakable alliance. Don’t let him get in your head.

      • In fact, for maths before my vote:

        Spooky 1 (by DG)
        viola 3 (by eschapp, novak, spooky)
        novak 1 (by viola)

        Left to vote from alliance: ashton, inkarnit, nettie, todahshy
        Left to vote from without: Beau

        Where is the risk that more than 2 of those votes go towards an alliance member?

      • But you can’t find today’s vote for ash (yesterday), you can’t see that splitting the vote makes people more vulnerable (tomorrow)…

        • Oh, todah’s vote for Ash yesterday was a throwaway vote that was expressly indicated as something that would make sense to do. You know this.

          And yes, splitting the vote today makes the people that end up in power more vulnerable tomorrow, individually. But I am in the group that becomes more vulnerable, so my money is where my mouth is.

          • So why not throw it on a non alliance person? It’s symbolic anyway, why not make it symbolize that he’s in the group?

            And you’re only in the majority hours after you voted, I give you zero credit for that, and it’s disingenuous to claim it.

          • His vote was entirely meaningless. You putting meaning to it is clearly and understandably an attempt to cause a rift in the alliance.

            My choices on who to vote were viola or eschapp. Viola is a 20. Eschapp has clearly been hiding his card. Spooky knew this when he voted on viola. He knew that eschapp made more sense to assassinate. So by voting quick on viola, he could probably avoid being on the majority. I don’t take offense to that action. I don’t think it makes him anything but someone making a smart move. It was clear that eschapp was where we needed to go. I went there first. Others clearly saw the wisdom in that.

  7. Vote eschapp.

    How have I voted against the alliance again?

    So far Inkarnits vote is the most worrying one of the alliance’s votes. That definitely left spooky and Novak exposed.

    Also I’m basically gone from 2-8 central this time of year so I am sorry for being so absent.

  8. You guys killed eschapp, he was the seer. Good going.

    The spreadsheet should be up to date, minus the influence stuff, and I’ll take care of that here in a minute.

    You can taking amongst yourselves. Forum starts tomorrow at 9am.

  9. Well, at looks like a fun day. I’ve been gone for daughter’s birthday stuff, but I concur with irritation at ink. He is being disengeniuos with his arguments. But I would counter DG’s persistent efforts by pointing out that an alliance born of convenience is very convenient, and will remain so until alliance members need to go out. It worked just fine previously. And I think DG made these same arguments…

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