September: Fall, Caesar.

Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!

Well…not yet. We’ll be getting to that part.

This month’s mega-game is the Casa Classic, “Fall, Caesar”.

The rules have complexity and will be posted in the official game start post, but basically, each day you get a mob together to assassinate a player. The trick is, you can ONLY assassinate someone who was part of the successful assassination mob from the previous day. Hijinks will ensue.

Who wants in? Also, what day would work best as a starting point? I was thinking next Monday, unless it’s terribly inconvenient.

The top THREE players will gain automatic entry into the year end tournament. The top SEVEN will gain points towards seeding and wild card spots.

If you think someone would be interested in playing, do let them know, because you’re probably right.



10 thoughts on “September: Fall, Caesar.

  1. I have only a passing familiarity with this game. Is this serving as the annual CdL version? Are Annette and Inkarnit wanting to go final 3 again?

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