The Spread : The End

So, a bunch of weird stuff happened on the final day, and we ended up with a tie between Bernice and Kelly. Annette finished third. Congrats Kelly and Bernice!

Before the game started, I decided that the top FOUR players would proceed to the year end extravaganza (whatever that might be) At present, I’m envisioning something of a “sweet sixteen” seeded tournament that culminates in a one on one fight for the year end championship. That means Bernice, Kelly, Annette, and Melissa have punched their tickets.

On to the next order of business – which game are we playing in September? I’m open to suggestions, and would certainly not be against a team game – anything can work, as long as we can get some people to play.


3 thoughts on “The Spread : The End

  1. Sheeple is fun. It’s a bear to run, but that’s your deal.

    We also have yet to run 2017’s Fall, Caesar game so that’ll have to be worked in before long.

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