Let’s Get it Started: The Spread

Hey everybody, do you like playing fun games?

Sure you, do. It’s unlikely that you’d be here if you hated fun and/or games.


On Monday, we’re going to kick off the shiny, new version of Cutthroat Junction with an old favorite. It’s called “The Spread”. Below are the time honored rules of the game. I am going to amend things so that there will be no eliminations in the first three rounds. It’s too easy to get blown away in a single round otherwise, and that’s not fun.

On each turn, you have twenty points to either give or take away (it can be a combination) from other players. You can’t touch your own score. However, you can only give or take away a maximum of five to or from any given person. At the end of the round, the person farthest from zero will be eliminated. If there are ties, the person closest to zero will eliminate one of the people tied (if that, too, is a tie, random draw will be introduced).

Once there are seven people left, you can do up to ten points to everyone. And at four, it goes to the maximum.

I think that covers it. The rules are fairly simple, but do ask questions if you have any.

I won’t be posting here after this post (everything will be going up over at the original Cutthroat Junction site, as well as the Facebook page that I’m going to be setting up over the weekend). I don’t want to get in the way of the Creative Writing game going on right now, it’s just not realistic to expect people to be watching the CtJ site when no one’s posted there in two years.


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