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I’m baaaaack!

I see this place has been deserted. Maybe nobody will even know I posted. Kelly probably gets notified, so I guess he will. Maybe he’ll keep it to himself and get all the points!

If all y’all recall, Greekhouse ran a game of this years ago. This will be quite similar, but you’re vying for those Top Contender points over there on the right that need to be dusted off. If we’re not doing this anymore, maybe I’ll start my own WordPress site and run games on occasion.

The game requires thinking and creativity to get through the levels. Each level consists of a secret word that you will have to figure out using the hints given in that level. The hints can be text, pictures, stuff in the page title, source code, etc. There may also be red herrings and other misdirection.

There are 15 levels and each level will be worth a point. Whoever earns the most points will be the winner. “What if I get stuck?” you say.  You will be able to ask for hints at the cost of 1/2 point each.  The game & rules are explained in more detail once you follow the link below.

Keep answers, level details, and hints received to yourself, but you’re welcome to post your progress below and brag “I’m on level #5”, or even lie about that to put the pressure on.

There is no definite timeline on this, but maybe a month would be good. I can keep it going as long as I see people are still trying.

Kelly can determine the points awarded if people decide to play it.

No need to wait for anything, just follow the link below to get started. But please post that you’re playing so it is known how many are contending and we can determine how many points the winner(s) should get.  Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Answer Goes Here

  1. I’ll leave this thing open-ended timewise if you still want to work on it. I have no way of knowing if you are unless I monitor webstats every day, which I’m not. I’d rather somebody complete it.

    I will say that nobody has been asking for hints for quite a while now. If you are stuck, ask for a hint. Please. I need the company.

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