Settlers of Catan

We have a winner! Inkarnit and Nibs battled for DAYS for first place. Brooks apparently had enough and came in and took first place in a decidedly Brooks-like fashion. Over the last two weeks I was alternately convinced the winner was going to be Guy Patterson, Wolfson, Nibs, Novak and Yickit. I didn’t see Brooks as the winner until very recently as he couldn’t seem to get his own wood.
This season, we saw the institution of some very inventive trading, including loans, favors, interest and questionable lending practices. Brooks traded about 20 resources one day just to get one grain. Wolfson proved that he’s doing the right thing for a living, as he’s an impressive salesman. Nibs never seemed to know what he had but could charm the resource out of the stingiest settler. Yickit tried to start a civil war, The North vs. The South. Woolston acted like I was proposing to him when I sent him his resources. Guy was quietly winning when a bunch of settlers noticed it and decended on her like locusts. Kiley cornered the market in sheep; Joe got robbed just about every other day and Novak questioned the rules.
In other words, business as usual.
Brooks – 100
Nibbish – 50
Inkarnit – 50
Novak – 40
Yickit – 40
Guy Patterson – 30
JoePunman – 20
Kiley Maki – 20
Colin – 20


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