Results: March Title Match and Call for April Mod

yickit and nibbish played Minefield, a game created by nibbish himself as a means to punish people when they’ve been bad.

Want to see the boards they created?

The winner was the one who successfully traversed the board in fewer moves; the starting and ending spots were created by the players.

Under the jump, I have the final scores.

YICKIT took 25 guesses to solve nibbish’s board.
NIBBISH took 29 guesses to solve yickit’s board.

It took seven months, but believe it or not, we have a new champion. yickit has usurped the throne.

Furthermore, yickit’s first championship defense will be against this guy, spookymilk. As such, we need a moderator for the game, whatever it may be.

It’s the end of an era. I’m actually kind of sad.


3 thoughts on “Results: March Title Match and Call for April Mod

  1. Oof. Minefield is a beast.

    Nicely done, Yickit, you really blasted through that final section. I’m not happy with some of the design choices I made, but I guess I’ll try a different pattern next time.

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