“Name That Tune!” Signups

If you think the game shows have been a little too wordy so far, you’re in for a treat!

I have been looking forward to doing this since before my game show thing went off the rails last year. I think we’ll do this one round-robin style. If you are interested, post below, but also send me an email (adobery@gmail.com) with the answers to the following questions. It will help with my song selection.

1) Which, if any, decades do you feel you know little to nothing about. (no point in doing them if NOBODY would know them).

1950 and older

2) Which genres, if any, do you feel you know little to nothing about. (no point in doing them if NOBODY would know them). I could list more specific styles, but this kinda encompasses most I’d be using, as the songs are generally bound to be ones that were more popular anyhow.

Hip Hop

3) Tell me an artist/group you feel you know inside-out, or better than any other.

Anyone is welcome to play, even if they don’t normally frequent the site.


17 thoughts on ““Name That Tune!” Signups

      • You’ll have to ask Spooky for the link, it was a challenge game between Nibbish and myself. I was slowly crushed by the weight of his knowledge.

        • Wow. I didn’t seriously think you were referring to Name That Tune when you said you were embarrassed before, and certainly didn’t think there would be a video of it. I’ll have to watch. Cool.

        • So the audio was crap, and Kelly’s video/audio sync made those Asian film dubs of joke look like technical achievements, but it was very fun to watch the banter and contestants reactions to answers.

          I would have scored 1 whole point, and not because I knew the song, but because it said “Wild Wild West” several times. Even after the fact I only knew two of the songs.

          Had the audio been any good I would have probably got artist points for Eminem and Lauryn Hill. I certainly would have got Alison Kraus and probably the song title…but it was hard to recognize voices on this video. Often sounded like nothing was playing. I did recognize Kings of Leon, but couldn’t come up with the name. I also guessed Stevie Ray Vaughan instead of Hendrix, because I heard it from Vaughan first. Didn’t come up with the title though.

          Best line of the night: “I am Jonathan Pope. I do work in the accounting department of a law firm. I don’t do any law or accounting. I don’t feel like explaining that.”

          Then there was Pete’s too long of a pause which had me wondering for a second: “I um, I’m dating myself…”

          Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  1. 9 signed up so far. I’ll leave it open until I get around to creating the first round. I just realized I misspoke in the original post. I meant “double elimination” not “round robin”. Yikes, that’d take awhile!


  2. I’m assugreying that it’s way too late for me to sign up. On the other hand, I did submit my boggle answers about 18 months ago, so I’m not the hold-up there!

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