Pyramid Finale Results

Results after the break.

Well, this event turned into a total flop. So disappointing. I even tested Google Video Hangout the day before with two different accounts and it seemed to work and sync fine. Sorry for wasting your time. It would have been fun to watch it together. Nice seeing you all though.

Final Results:
AMR/Gilman – 6
Novak/Chris – 2

Annette/Joe – 3
Melissa/Jon – 1


13 thoughts on “Pyramid Finale Results

  1. AMR/Gilman, that was amazing to watch. You put on a clinic. Well done.

    Thanks Adobery for the fun game. I had a blast again.

  2. Melissa and I played through after time was up. I remember that as the funniest part of the game.

    Biggest surprise? Apparently it’s pronounced “Adobe-Rye.” I had no idea.

    • Whoa, people are still learning that? I thought the name “Ryan” was a giveaway there.

      “toe-duh-shee” was my big revelation.

      • Probably has to do with the fact that I’d been hanging around here a while before I connected “Adobery” to “Ryan [redacted].” I probably should have checked my previous assumptions after making that connection, but I didn’t.

  3. I think my favorite thing of the four finales was for Indoor Sports. Immediately after Joe types “minnesota twins baseball games before 2009”, Annette answers “violent”.

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