Bi-Curiosities Update: Vowel Movement Solution

Hey gang! Been a while, yes? Well, I figured a month plus was plenty of time to try to crack the code of the last puzzle. As it turns out, only one person managed to figure out all of the clues correctly, so congrats to Ryan for that! For the rest of you, the solutions are after the jump. And keep your eyes peeled for a quick little challenge a little later today.

  1. Wings + E = Ewings
  2. Solder + I = Soldier
  3. Ocean’s Eleven – E = Ocean’s Elven
  4. Goodnight Moon – O = Goodnight Mon
  5. AC/DC + I + I = Acidic
  6. Alias – I = Alas
  7. The Annoying Orange – O = The Annoying Range
  8. Dr. No + A = Drano
  9. Blow Over + E = Below Over
  10. Kindergarten Cop + U = Kindergarten Coup
  11. Cold Snap + U = Could Snap
  12. Bad Lieutenant + E = Bead Lieutenant

5 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities Update: Vowel Movement Solution

  1. Loved this puzzle. Possibility of acting like a beatnik = Could Snap was my favorite. I’m sure I entertained Matthew with some of the answers I cooked up.

    First attempt at “Ensemble crime drama – vowel = subtitle for Legolas at Sea!” was PIROT (Poirot).

    “Truly stupid kids’ show – vowel = truly vexing stove” had me throwing desperate tries at him.
    Giggle and hot (Giggle and Hoot)
    Range is the New Black (Orange is the New Black)
    Dragon G.E. (Dragon Age)
    My personal favorite….Th Range (The Range). Th symbol for thorium. Who wouldn’t be vexed using a radioactive nuclear fueled stove?

    I don’t know how many hundred of Kids shows I poured through. Read some of the same worst shows lists several times. I even worked backwards and was googling shows with stove words. I had googled Orange previously..and tons of stuff came up, but never Annoying Orange for some reason.

    I also spent a bit of time on the Arnold/Keitel ones. Ok, Terminator is definitely known for the Harley Fatboy in one of his movies. Couldn’t make anything out of that. Only thing I could think of for Keitel was a car from Deer Hunter (which I haven’t seen) so I was googling trying to figure out what car was in that. Finally hit me that movies themselves are vehicles, then it didn’t take long.

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