Bi-Curiosities, Oscars Edition: Poorly Described Films

To coincide with tonight’s presentation of the Academy Awards, I’ve cooked up this simple little quizlet for you movie buffs. I’ve taken ten well-known films and boiled them down to a roux of technically accurate, but very misleading, summaries of the film’s story. Can you guess what movies are being described below?

  1. A man is visited by a ghost, and realizes he has lots of friends.
  2. A woman’s first orgasm leads to a suicide pact.
  3. Two brothers make lots of money in Vegas, until the authorities separate them.
  4. A factory owner hires lots of workers unsuited to the job.
  5. A woman visits a psychiatrist to find out more about a tailor.
  6. A lowly worker allows his mute friend to control him, which gets him noticed at his job.
  7. A bar owner gets friendly with a local law officer.
  8. A New Yorker heads to LA to visit his wife and kids for the holidays.
  9. A man injures his leg, ruins his son’s hearing, and asks God to forgive him.
  10. A man discusses his dead wife, causing another man to travel to California.

Send guesses to Good luck!


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