February Game: Sheeple

I should have had this up earlier, but here we are.  Sign up quick, y’hear? Rules are copied and pasted from last year.


The twenty players are sheep, confined to a 15×15 grid. The shepherd is trying to catch nineteen of the sheep for some disgusting purpose. It’s best not to think about that too much – just concentrate on not getting caught, yes?

So, the shepherd- we’ll call him Todd Karner – has some work to do. In order to catch the sheep, he has to build fences in between spaces on the grid- say, between F3 and F4, or between A1 and B1. A sheep has to be confined to one square to be caught- Todd isn’t very fast, and he’s rather clumsy. Also, not very bright- Todd will only build the fences where the sheep tell him to!

Movement and rules-
– The sheep are placed on the grid. If players attempt to set up on the same space, the mod will randomly move one of them over to an open space (Note: this happened with Annette. Everyone else got their intended space).
– The sheep can move in any direction (including diagonals), one space per turn. You can choose to sit still on any given turn.
– Each player must have Todd build one fence per turn- vertical or horizontal. When players send turns, it should have their move (or the announcement that they’re sitting still) and the build. Simply call out the build as “between A3 and A4,” or whatever.
-The outer edge of the grid is a fence. Duh.
– A fence can’t be built in a spot that is already fenced. Attempting to do so will confuse Todd, and he won’t build a fence for you that turn.
– If two or more players ask to build a fence in the same spot in the same turn, Todd will build it.
– If two players attempt to move to the same space or try to cross one another, neither will move. However, one player can take the place of another, if “another” heads off in another direction.
– Players cannot pass through fences diagonally. None of the four relevant walls can be fenced if a diagonal move is to be successful.
– Order of play is move, then build fences. However, each move and build will be a single “turn” in one email. Power-ups can be played as outlined below.

There are twenty-four power-ups hidden on the grid. Their placement is random. The mod will keep power-ups secret. All power-ups are one-time use.

Nine of each of these-
– “Wild Oats” – this power-up forces the player to move two spots their next turn, whether they want to or not. Moving back to their starting square is allowed.
– “FREEDOM!” – This allows a player to jump over a fence during their move phase whenever he or she wants to use it, but only if the fence does not completely encircle them.

Only three of these-
– “Shep the sheepdog”- These allow a player to push another player one spot in any direction (not through a fence, though). This nullifies the target’s intended move. Also can be used at any desired time.
– “Lean Mutton Morgan’s Special Friend” – If a player discovers Lean’s hiding spot on the grid, Lean will move his new pal to any spot on the grid.. This can be played at the start of the turn, before any other actions, or immediately after the player moves and before fences are built. This one has a time limit: the player must use it in the number of turns equal to the number of players left when it’s found, not to exceed ten turns. It’s probably too powerful, but whatever.

No powers are transferable.

Once a player is fenced into one square, they are captured and will make no further moves. This will probably grind to a halt when two players are left, but that’s a risk I’ll take.

POINTS: You get five points if you’re last place, and five additional for everyone you outlast. If you nonsub, you will be immediately chucked from the challenge and will get the same number of points as the previously eliminated person. If you go out at the same time as someone, you’ll split the difference, rounding up. So if two people go first together, instead of 5 and 10, each will get 8 points.

This could take a while. I’ll take that risk. We’ll play on weekdays and skip weekends unless it looks brutal; if it goes long, and I think it could, we’ll figure out how to deal with it.


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