Pyramid – Round 1 Results


Only the top four scores advance. Will it be four teams, five teams, six teams or even more?
Find out after the break.

Those of you who played before will have to let me know if you like the new partner format over the solo format. One thing new I like is new Colin. He’s even more friendly, more enthusiastic and more badass. Hell, he’s got ‘wolf’ right in his name. He completed all his boards right away in both rounds which I love. The guy is geared up for these games. Look at the picture he sent me of his setup.


Enough about new Colin though, let’s get to the results.

Team Total
Pete / Beau 21
Christina / Brooks 21
Zee German / Novak 18
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named / Gilman 17
Colin / Kelly 16
Dean / Margaret 14
Punman / Annette 14
Melissa / Jonathon 14
TDO / Bret 11

So back to new Colin. He and Kelly just miss out on advancing to the next round. The top four teams advance, and will each pick one category from a list of 6 to form our second round boards. Each of the winners post your choice of category below (no repeats). You may or may not have any idea what the category implies, just like the real show. Except I will not be telling you what ties all the words together, you will just have to figure it out from the seven words. So you better clue your partner well. Pick from below.

Fiction 59
Machine of Death
Fortunately, Unfortunately
Meeting of the Mimes
Bantam Bulwyr

Don’t despair bottom teams, despite what I said at the onset, you’ll still get to play and earn consolation points if your are the best of the rest. But since it appears you have no clue, you will not be giving any. Once the top 4 have clued their boards, I will let those who want to play choose which clue giver/board they want to guess from. Each member on your team will be responsible for two boards. Don’t worry about the details now though, I will email you when the time comes.

Here are some of my favorite clues from this round.

Apron (Christina) – wear this to protect clothing; or to be a 50s housewife

Lava Tag (Jonathan) – Game, You’re it, you might die.
Flash (Melissa) – When that guy walks up to you in the bus, opens his jacket and says, “LOOK AT THIS!”  And he’s naked.
Exposure (Melissa) – This is what happens when the naked dude from the first clue goes outside in the cold and then dies.  He dies of ____.
Aperture (Pete) – ___ Science (company from Portal games)
Cattails (Margaret) – a plant of feline fluffiness
Turtle (Novak) – One Teenage mutant ninja
Lastly, Here are all the answers.

Say, Cheese!
Flash, Lens, Aperture, Exposure, Shutter, Memory Card, Backdrop
Yes, Chef!
Cutting board, Mandoline, Stove, Sauce pan, Blender, Apron, Slotted spoon
On Golden Pond
Turtle, Cattails, Algae, Lilypads, Bluegill, Dragonfly, Millfoil

Going to the Park
Kickball, Monkey bars, Wood chips, Lava Tag, Slide, Swings, Gazebo


42 thoughts on “Pyramid – Round 1 Results

  1. I want to mention that I got “aperture” from Colin’s clue “Fancy term I don’t know how to describe. 3 syllables”

    Did I get the point for typing “SD Card?” I sell cameras, and we never call them “Memory Cards” but always “SD Cards.”

        • And I just now remembered that I said it was similar to Barry Bonds’s sport!!! How is baseball similar to football?! Colin…seriously, I need to kill you here.

          • Again, those sports are not similar to baseball. Kickball is played the exact same way as baseball.

            Also, where does this idea come from that football uses the feet? There are no kickers or punters in playground football. “Football” is such a stupid name for American football.

          • You’re totally right. I just thought the feet part was literal in the name, not literal in usage. Even if I got that though we would have lost the tiebreaker.

    • While I did not count several “flash drives”, I did count SD card. Your team’s score was iffy, so thankfully I didn’t have to mess with a tie. I was supposed to remove the “3 syllables” part of his clue, as I did for other teams. You probably would have got it anyway knowing you. I also threw in a clue after conferring with Colin, since he was the first to go and I messed up one of the words. It was fixed for everyone else.

  2. After brief consultation with my teammate, we have decided we want to be called “Ghost Pepper”.

    The category thing for the next round didn’t come up.

  3. Wait what? So of course we still want to play! So I should talk to Dean so that we can pick two categories for the consolation round and two people of the remaining eight? Can we pick a category that someone else already picked?

    Also – I know nothing about cameras, apparently. Or millfoil. Is that a Minnesota thing? 😛

    • Don’t worry about it for now. I will email the rest of you about how to proceed after the top 4 are done with their next step. There is nothing for you to do right now.

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