Title Match: Pete vs. Bret: Impressions

Pete’s attempt at a seventh title defense begins now! Stick with me, folks, because this one gets goofy.

Here’s a list of the thirty-one members of parliament, including ten likes and three dislikes for each. You both saw the original list of fifty things, which is what everyone worked from.

Pete and Bret’s job, as Prime Minister hopefuls, is to yank parliament in their favor. On each turn, the player will speak out in favor of one of the subjects on the list (they cannot be repeated). It’ll be a snake turn-based system, and Pete as champion will decide whether he wants to go first, or both second and third while surrendering the first pick.

If you speak out in a favor of something, then each person who likes it will be impressed and you’ll get a +1 for them. If only two to four people like the thing, they’ll be impressed by your courage and give you +2. In the rare case that only one person likes the thing, you’ll get +5.

If you get to +3 with a person, they are officially on your side and the rest of their likes and dislikes cease to matter.

However, there are penalties if you speak out in favor of something a person doesn’t like. If you’re currently the leader in a parliament member’s eyes, you’ll lose their favor and it’ll go back to neutral (zero). If that person is currently neutral or negative toward you, you lose them forever as they will automatically vote for the other person and their lists cease to matter.

On the spread you should be able to keep track of what’s what. Once one of you has a majority (sixteen voters), it’s over. This time may not come – I’m not sure. If we go through every item and it’s a draw, then voters will simply side for whichever person has their slight lead. If it’s still tied after all that, then the player who earned the vote of Speaker Aaron Presley (chosen randomly) will win.

Bret and Pete, it goes without saying that if you have questions, you should ask them before the turns affected.

Hopefully this won’t take forever, but obviously, it might. Try to get moves in when you can, guys, and maybe some night when a bunch of turns have been taken, we’ll meet and do it live.


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