Bi-Curiosities: Vowel Movement

Hey ho throat-cutters. Got a nice little puzzle for you to work on here, with a pretty silly pun for its title. Basically, we’re working with word math. Each clue provides a common phrase or pop-culture nugget. Then you either add or remove a vowel (or two) as directed. You’ll wind up with a silly, punny result that matches the solution of the clue’s equation. (Okay, not all the results are silly or punny.) No need to scramble letters or anything; just add/subtract the right vowel at the right place.

Hey, it’s gonna be fun! And some points will result from each correct answer you get, why not! Just send your solutions, questions and/or complaints to when you’ve got ’em. I’ll give you fine folks a couple of weeks to work on this one. Clues after le jump! Good luck!

1) 90’s Sitcom + vowel = possible working title for Dallas
2) Electricians’ tool + vowel = warrior
3) Ensemble crime drama – vowel = subtitle for Legolas at Sea!
4) Kids’ book – vowel = a farewell from Kingston
5) Classic hard rock band + two vowels = a quality of some juice
6) TV spy series – vowel = sigh of regret
7) Truly stupid kids’ show – vowel = truly vexing stove
8) First film in a long-running series + vowel = snake alternative
9) Pass without incident + vowel = under
10) Schwarzenegger vehicle + vowel = educational uprising
11) Stretch of poor weather + vowel = possibility of acting like a beatnik
12) Keitel vehicle + vowel = Officer at an arts and crafts store


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